Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll have whatever they're grilling

It took me a few viewings (and, okay, the spouse saying "it's an ad for Weber grills") to realize this ad was for Weber grills*, I was so distracted by all the dancing and the booty-shaking song playing in the background:

I don't know what those people are grilling, but whatever it is, I'll have what they're having.

For the record, we have both a Weber gas grill and a Weber charcoal grill, but neither, despite the delicious food they produce, has had me dancing around our deck or slapping a spatula on my booty.

UPDATED: I love how on the Weber Grills page on Facebook fans have posted pictures of their Weber grills -- just the grills. Smokin'.

*I thought it was another Black Eyed Peas type ad for Target.


Kendor said...

Maybe we need to get you cooking on our Weber Bullet Smoker, and you haven't eaten at the Weber Grill Restaurant in a while. Let the party begin!

Dave S. said...

Hey, you two, get a patio! ("Get a room" being inappropriate.)

Verification word "ballyse" which I believe was part of a dirty joke in The Canterbury Tales.

larissa said...

Just thirty seconds
And I was out of my chair
Dancing not grilling

J. said...

@Kendor: How I miss the Weber Grill Restaurant and their cannibal-size barbeques. (We have FOUR Webers? Really? And to think you were a vegetarian for over 20 years.)

@Dave S.: Like you've never gotten aroused by smoked meat.

@Larissa: You should try the brisket.