Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol should just crown Crystal Bowersox now and be done with it

I got home last night just in time to see the last few minutes of American Idol, i.e., the recap, but between that and watching Crystal Bowersox's performance of "People Get Ready" on YouTube earlier this morning...

I've seen enough.

The train has left the station, and Crystal Bowersox is alone in first class. American Idol producers, if you really want to "give back" to the viewers, just name Mamasox the winner -- tonight. (And yes, I know MANY of you already thought the American Idol producers should just give her a recording contract, i.e., she was the clear winner, WEEKS ago.)

Unfortunately, we have another five weeks to go of the disappointment that has been Season 9 of American Idol (aka "The Curse of Sanjaya: Meet Tim Urban"). I only hope that voters do the right thing and that Tim Urban is not the next American Idol (though apparently not only does Teflon Tim have millions of teenage girls voting for him but he has God -- and AMTC -- on his side).

Unless Crystal Bowersox gets voted off this week or there's a major earthquake or volcanic eruption in the Northeast (volcanoes are a real pain in the ash), I'll be live blogging American Idol next Tuesday -- and will post the result of last night's vote tonight.

: Heard through the grapevine that Lee DeWyze was pretty inspirational last night, so checked out his performance:

I still think Mamasox deserves to win, but Lee (whom I've been a big fan of from the beginning) is a close second.

UPDATE #2: I still can't believe it. Tim Urban is gone. (And per my daughter, it was the same week Sanjaya Malakar was voted off. Interesting.) Idol DID give back! Though was surprised about Casey being in the bottom two.


marindenver said...

What I've been saying. ;-)

Predicting Crystal, Siobhan and Casey in the top three with Crystal taking it all. Tim Urban will probably make it to top four. Unless Lee does.

Anonymous said...

I cannot even stand to listen to Tim, I DVR it and zip right past him to listen to the comments. My votes are for Lee, Casey and Crystal. If you could morph Casey's looks with Lee's voice, that would be awesome!