Monday, February 8, 2010

Of Spanx and Men: Spanx finally launches its own line of men's compression underwear

Ever since I wrote this post about Equmen's compression underwear for men (i.e., "Spanx for men") back in June 2009, I have been the go-to site for "spanx for men," "male spanx," "spanx men," "men's spanx," "spanx mens" -- pretty much anything having to do with men and Spanx, even though, technically, there was no such thing as Spanx for men. That is, until now.

(Btw, those five quoted phrases are the top five Googled terms on J-TWO-O and combined have led thousands -- and I mean THOUSANDS -- of Spanx- or compression- underwear-seeking men and their mates to this blog. Only Brooklyn Decker, or rather, her breasts, have generated anywhere close to that many hits. Yes, I am weeping.)

And now, after being #2 on Google for the search term "Spanx for men" for months (the TIME magazine article on the subject, which appeared two weeks after my post, being #1), I have dropped to #8, thanks to news from Spanx that it is about to start selling (drum roll, please) a Spanx-branded compression undershirt for men (i.e., Spanx for men). Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Frankly, I am a bit disappointed. That's all you got Spanx, a cotton undershirt? Heck, my dad (who's been dead for nearly seven years) wore form-fitting white undershirts for as long as I knew him, as did his dad. This is news? Though I guess since "Mad Men," everything old (or 1960s) is new -- and hot -- again. But still, no cute little boxer briefs with that famous Spanx compression technology?

In related news, Hanes recently reported that sales of its men's underwear were up, which, according to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, is a sure sign that the economy is recovering. (You can read about the so-called "Undies Index" here.)

UPDATED: Just received an email from Tug, the proprietor of the blog The Undershirt Guy, asking me to post his review of the Spanx for Men Compression Undershirt. You're welcome, Tug. ;-)


EMM said...

Greenspan was on Meet the Press this morning. Undies, to my recollection were not mentioned.

I must confess, I fell asleep during MTP. Had already been up for hours. Being snowed in and making breakfast is EXHAUSTING.

Tug said...

hey j! thanks for posting the link to the s4m review i did last week.

i wanted to be sure your readers knew that the cotton compression crew neck from SPANX inc. was actually more than a simple cotton crew neck undershirt. it has a unique cotton/spandex fabric blend, coupled with a highly tapered waist (something i've never seen before). for me, it offered a good amount flattening and shaping, but no significant slimming - which is what i've seen with other popular slimming undershirts.

also, it looks a lot more like a standard undershirt than some others. not that it's better or worse, just a fact folks should keep in mind when making a buying decision.

keep up the great work on the blog and thanks again for posting the link to my review!