Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When did modeling a swimsuit become a sport? (Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Issue on sale now!)

While it certainly requires athletic ability to get into a swimsuit these days, if not an athlete's body (do I really need three catalogs every month, Victoria's Secret? I don't think so), I'm pretty sure modeling or wearing a swimsuit is not a sport. But that in no way has stopped Sports Illustrated from putting out its annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, available on newsstands now!

And what better way to pass the time on a cold, snowy day, stuck at home with the kids, than looking at beautiful women half your age in skimpy bathing suits (or only body paint) parading around some beautiful warm, sunny, exotic destination, right ladies? So I think you will agree with me (at least you female readers) when I say "thanks for nothing, Sports Illustrated."

Really, one image of model Brooklyn Decker -- on last year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue -- was more than enough, thank you. And now you have to put her on the cover again? (And for the record, I have no idea what Brooklyn Decker's bust, breast, or bra size is -- though my best guess would be Double D Ecker -- but for some reason when you type the query "Brooklyn Decker bra [or breast or bust] size" into Google, Google directs people to this post. Oh and for the record: they're fake.)

And while I can understand Sports Illustrated's desire to have an interactive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Website (cause it's all about the Web these days), did CNBC really need to go shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary about swimsuit modeling (which I happened to stumble upon late last night)? Really? Was this your idea Darren Rovell? Did you pick up any stock tips from Julie Henderson, Darren? Perhaps between her legs? Tough assignment, dude.

Okay, enough kvetching. I'm going to grab me some coffee then grab me a shovel and start shoveling snow.



Anonymous said...

Yes please !!!

Can I get some stock tips that way to ??? Please....Pretty please.

anon from across the pond !

Lizzy said...

Double D eker sized boobs - good one!

Oddly, pre-kid body I used to like the SISE - it would inspire me to go to the gym, lift weights, go running. Maybe I thought that perfect was somehow attainable.

Now, post-kid body, all it does is add more pressure to an already pressurized life. I see the airbrushing and realize how fake these photos are. These girls have great bodies, but no one is perfect.

I feel like Nora Ephron - I hated my abs in my 20's...but if I knew then what I know now, I would have paraded around in belly shirts for the whole decade!

Youth truly is wasted on the young.

J. said...

@anon from across the pond: LOL

@Lizzy: SO true!

EMM said...

Huh, I thought modeling clothes involved wearing them. She's not even wearing the top and the bottom looks like it might fall off.

Oh well, we're not the SISE audience are we?