Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Bowl ads (sneak peek) + Great ads, lousy beer

This Sunday, as (almost) all of you know is Super Bowl XLIV (or 44 for all you non Romans), which can mean only one thing: lots and lots of ridiculously expensive and ridiculous ads. But I bet you didn't know there was a website dedicated just to Super Bowl ads. The site's name/URL?

And right now, if you go to, you can see previews of many of this year's Super Bowl ads, some of which look to be very funny. (Being a former big-time Chicago Bulls basketball fan, I am particularly intrigued, and a bit saddened by, the remake of the Michael Jordan - Larry Bird McDonald's ad, now starring LeBron James and Dwight Howard.)

And, of course, it wouldn't be the Super Bowl without lots of Bud and Bud Light ads. Which only makes me wonder: How can a company that makes such great ads make such lousy beer? Seriously, just imagine what the real men of genius behind Bud Light could have accomplished had they poured the same amount of money they do into advertising into developing a light beer that actually tasted good.

In fact, some of my (and the spouse's) favorite commercials of late have been for Bud Light. (Those Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved! ads crack me up.) And I think Bud Light's ad agency (in this case DDB Chicago, which also produced the Real Men of Genius campaign) may have outdone itself with this latest ad, titled "Clothing Drive":

[Hats -- shirt and pants -- off to DDB Chicago associate creative director Galen Graham.]

I also really like DDB's Bud Light ad titled "Swear Jar":

Though really, you're going to spend all that money on a case of Bud Light? Aren't there, oh, at least 100 other, better beers you could be buying?

ANYWAY... Here's to a great Super Bowl -- and lots of great Super Bowl ads.

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