Friday, November 13, 2009

Adios Lou Dobbs

Now Stephen Colbert -- perdóname, Esteban Colberto -- won't have Lou Dobbs to kick around anymore! (Or at least for a few weeks.)

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As a parting/early Christmas gift, I am sending Lou Dobbs this fine mariachi band, to serenade him night and day while he contemplates his next career decision. (This one's for you, Unc.)

Adios Lou Dobbs. CNN will be pretty much the same without you.

UPDATED: Just came across this blog post, titled "So, what really happened to Lou Dobbs?" on MediaMatters and felt it worth sharing.


Anonymous said...

Younger, CNN will be younger!

Anonymous said...

Dobbs really revealed himself to be a grassy-knoll nutjob when he wouldn't come off the Obama "birthers" story--even when his CNN reporters said there was nothing to it.

Anonymous said...

Smarter, CNN will be smarter!

Dave S. said...

Re the Media Matters link, when it's Lou Dobbs vs. John Stossel and Geraldo Rivera, there are no winners.