Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why did the turkey cross the New Jersey Turnpike?

To get to the other side. (Duh.)

After weeks of trying to catch her, this afternoon New Jersey State Fish and Wildlife officials finally manage to capture Tammy the Turnpike Turkey. Tammy, who officials believe wandered over from Staten Island, had taken up residence among the tollbooths at Exit 14B/Jersey City on the New Jersey Turnpike and was the source of much brake slamming and cursing from New Jersey drivers.

Having driven many times on the New Jersey Turnpike, what is truly amazing to me is that Tammy the Turnpike Turkey wound up at a zoo and not as the Blue Plate Special at one of the state's famous diners.


EMM said...

Are you sure they took her to the zoo? I hope she was not fitted w/ cement boots and thrown in the river, or made into a speed bump like Jimmy Hoffa.

Dave S. said...

Gawble gawble gawble!