Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel lucky

It's 11/11 and I'm heading off with G. in a few minutes to Mohegan Sun for our last gambling trip of the year.

I think this could be THE BIG ONE, people, as both G. and I are feeling lucky -- and I am so due. (Mama needs a new pair of shoes, really expensive leather ones with a moderate heel.)

Odds are we will at least have a good time.

Will let you know how we did later.

UPDATED 4:30 P.M.: I am pleased to report the Mohegan Sun "offsite" (aka gambling outing) was a great success, and I made a nearly 400% return on my investment. G. also had an up day. Not bad for a few hours work. And the chocolate martinis were delightful. (Special thanks to Glen, JR, and Pat, our new friends from Rhode Island, who owe us drinks, and to Orlando, our new favorite croupier.) Next stop: shoe shopping in Paris!


Anonymous said...

Always Split Aces and Eights. Always.

Anonymous said...

Never pet a burning dog

Anonymous said...

...And I thought you were going for some type of interview...You go girlfriend! xoxoxox

EMM said...

Congrats - sounds like you had a good day! Shoe shopping is always in order!

Dave S. said...

Good luck getting those drinks; half the people in Rhode Island are named Pat.