Thursday, November 6, 2008

Best Birthday Present Ever

Okay, maybe not "ever." The Nikon D70s the spouse and his mom got me a few years ago was pretty sweet. But if you are a football fan, specifically a NY* Giants** (7 - 1 and the best record in the NFC, baby!) football fan, with a good sense of humor, this gift is pretty hard to top, though the Jose Reyes t-shirt (Mets #7) in the Victoria's Secret box, which the spouse gave me for our anniversary, may have.

That said, though, I am extremely pleased to have received an official Brandon Jacobs (Giants running back, #27) t-shirt on this my natal day, as well as the official NFL-approved thongs (the tags on which promise "Satisfaction Guaranteed!"). I just had to promise the spouse that I would not pose for or post any pictures of me in said thongs, which, really, is not a problem. (Sorry Tommy.) Though we did toy with the idea of sticking them on the cats.

UPDATED 9:35 A.M.: A friend just wrote, "I would have thought the Obama win would have been the best birthday present ever." She does have a point. Am waiting for my limited edition t-shirt from the Obama campaign (for making a donation to the DNC on behalf of the Obama campaign), in the mean time, there is this:

Though really, apparel-wise, I am currently more excited about my Giants garb. : )

* Technically the New Jersey Giants
** I am also a Jets fan


TommyMac71 said...

Oh nooooooo; not the jersey/t-shirt....That's a sure sign the player will get hurt or traded and be irrelevant in a matter of weeks.

I have to say a woman who gets a jose reyes jersey in a victoria secret box -- and LIKES it -- is very cool.

Question -- why did he have a Victoria's Secret box just lying around????

Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day and the year.

Anonymous said...

Now I am definately not calling this morning to wish you a happy birthday as you might be otherwise engaged modeling your new thongs and t-shirt! Have a great day!!
oxox JAGZ

J. said...

I guess I should have mentioned that he had also bought me a cute little set of PJs from Vicky's Secret (hence the box), which was under the Jose Reyes shirt. Unfortunately, I had to return the PJs as they didn't fit (got shorts instead), but I am NEVER giving up my #7 shirt!

Dave S. said...

Happy Birthday! I will refrain from crude jokes involving thongs and cats a la Steve Martin.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to the girl who now has everything she ever dreamed of. Enjoy your day and your thongs!

J. said...

Thanks "Jill"! However, some good-paying work would be nice, if you happen to know anyone looking for a writer (or editor or researcher or project manager). : )

EMM said...

Happy Birthday! Your photos from your Mrs. Smith goes to Washington trip were wonderful. Cheers to a happy & healthy year ahead!