Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strange Love or: How I learned to stop hating and love Britney Spears. Plus Flo Rida takes me for a spin round memory lane.

It was a cold, gray morning, when I first heard it. I was driving to the gym, going through the presets on my radio, looking for something upbeat to help motivate me, when I heard it. That song with the catchy chorus that instantly sticks in your brain -- but you have no idea who the artist is or even the title.

Then, a day or two later, I heard it again, and still couldn't make out the artist or the title (or, really, the words). But it was so catchy, I wanted to hear it again. And then, finally, I did, Sunday, driving home from the gym. (I do all of my radio listening in my car, to or from the gym, which is about 12 minutes from my house, and a really boring drive.)

And then it hit me: Oh. My. God. Could that be... Britney Spears?! It was just a hunch, but I just knew in my heart I was right.

So as soon as I got home I jumped on my laptop (metaphorically, of course), and entered the only words I could make out/recall from the song -- all of the boys and all of the girls -- and sure enough, I wasn't the only one to Google them. And yes, as I suspected, the artist in question (and yes, I use the term artist loosely) was... Britney Spears.

I know what you're thinking (particularly you, Another David S.), and I don't disagree. But this... this... whatever it was, was bigger than me. And next thing you know, there I was on YouTube, watching "If U Seek Amy," Britney Spears' latest single/video.

But wait, there's more. (God, I am so ashamed. But I hear confession is good for the soul.)

After viewing/listening to "If U Seek Amy," which I really liked (the song, not the video), I checked out Britney's other new hit, "Womanizer," which... I also really liked.

Oh my God! Is nothing sacred?! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

But getting back to Britney, is it just me or does she look, like, five years younger, happy, and in really good shape? You go girl!

Yes, yes, I know Britney has had her problems, but haven't we all? And isn't it time we separate or learn to distinguish a song from the singer? A good pop song is a good pop song. And it's not like I became a fan of Britney on Facebook (yet).

In other music news... I also recently happened to hear the new Flo Rida (pronounced Flow-RIDE-ah) song, "Right Round," which is way too naughty to include here. (Mamas, do not let your babies grow up listening to dirty rappers or rap songs.) But I bring this up because it samples one of my favorite songs/groups from my New Wave/Techno Pop phase in the early/mid-1980s, Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)."

Makes you want to run right out and get a disco ball, don't it?

Well, back to work...


Roberta said...

I like that song too! I probably wouldn't let little J sing that song too much! :)

Dave S. said...

A good pop song is a good pop song, but Britney Spears?! I am very concerned. And I'm not even Another David S.

Thank you for the Dead or Alive which brings back fun memories from college. But man that video is sucktastic, so much so that I could not watch the whole thing. That begs for the virtual video treatment.

In the meantime, please to enjoy this.

J. said...

I can't believe I just watched that, Dave. Geez. And yes, Britney Spears. (I know. I know!)

Roberta, which song? "If U Seek Amy," "Womanizer," or "Right Round"? Hopefully, J-THREE-O will be singing NONE of them, though I know she's heard the Flo Rida song (though not while in MY car).

Another David S. said...

So, has it been proved yet that an actual person (as opposed to a TV show) can jump the shark? 'Cause I think our own J-Two-O may be swimming with the fishes. I dared her to come clean on this, and the fact that she did so is admirable, but... Britney Spears? I mean, that's like me admitting I've always had a thing for Paris Hilton. Which, um, I kind of have. But that's *different*. Really. Because, you know, if you watch her really closely in that home video she did--once you get past the seeming cluelesness--she actually seems very sweet (and I don't mean her taste)...

But I digress. Britney Spears?!?

If you want to hear the epitome of catchy pop tunes (that you can't get out of your head), then try the ne plus ultra of blond pop singers: Kylie Minogue. Not only is she a class act (unlike The Britster), but her last album, "X," will make you tap your toes and shimmy your hips IN YOUR SLEEP. Try it, J, I dare you. No: I double dog dare you! ;-)

J. said...

You know perfectly well I like Kylie, Another David S..

And at least I haven't jumped Paris. ; ) Though, I agree, she has her cute/pretty moments. Though I am NOT referring to her in that video, which I
have yet to see. And speaking of jumping (on the) shark (or blonde), God only knows what diseases that girl has. Ick. At least I don't want to do
Britney, just listen to a couple of her frakkin songs. Geez.

Another David S. said...

I have listened to Britney, believe me. As a (sometimes) cute chick who likes to writhe half-naked in videos, she's been on my radar on many an occasion. But I still think her songs sound like the result of someone punching a list of requirements into a computer. It's all so mechanical--even, alas, the half-naked writhing. Even the *all-naked* writhing in the "Womanizer" video gets blotted out by what a crap song it is. She might as well be wearing a burka, for all the pain that song inflicts.

As for sweet Paris, I'm not going to dignify your disparagements with a reply!

EMM said...

The Florida song is really nasty and not even very good.

Loved the videos J & Dave S. Yes, I have a mini disco ball and yes, I too like Britney Spears' music.

I love 80's music and was addicted to MTV early on. Can't believe we all LOVED those "artsy" videos.

Golden Earing anyone?

EMM said...

Strange Love is a great Depeche Mode song that is going through my head right now.

Thanks J!

J. said...

I still think her songs sound like the result of someone punching a list of requirements into a computer.

So what's your point, Another David S.? ; P And have you ever listened to/watch Paris "sing"?

You're most welcome, EMM. And I agree with what you wrote. And while the title of this post was a reference to Dr. Strangelove, I was also a big fan of the Depeche Mode song, which I will also be playing on my mental jukebox, along with "Twilight Zone," which I heard just the other day on my beer run (American Lager -- as they didn't have Black Dog).

Little Miss Cupcake said...

I'll give you Womanizer...and I'll always have a special place in my heart for You Spin Me, but that new song by Britney that I just discovered via this post sucks as does her veiled atttempt to brag about how everyone wants to f*ck her. Lame! And that 50's housewife look with the dark roots isn't doing it for me either.

However, your post did inspire me to just google and look up the song I can't get out of my head recently (yes, I know it is from last summer but we catch on late here in Paris):

Another David S. said...

Golden Earring--yes! Twilight Zone was always one of my favorite videos back in the prehistoric days of MTV. "When the bullet hits the bone..." (Okay, so the bullet tearing through the playing card was a bit cheesy, but the rest of the video was awesome.)

See, J? I do have taste. ;-)

Yesterday, out of curiosity, I picked up an old $5 CD by Boy Meets Girl (I always loved "Waiting For A Star To Fall"). Anyone remember them? Talk about '80s! Wow...

J. said...

I do remember Boy Meets Girl, and a lot of other long-forgotten '80s bands (Boys Don't Cry or Frankie Goes to Hollywood anyone?), Another David S. Which is probably why I can't remember stuff that happened last month or last week. Only so much RAM in the old computer.

And yes, "American Boy" is very catchy, LMC, though I never warmed to it. (Oh God, now it's playing in my head. Very crowded mental jukebox today.)

EMM said...

I loved "American Boy" and one of my colleagues bought me the CD last summer. Estelle's stuff is varied and really good.

Kendor said...

The whole bad pop music thread provoked me in tonight's after dinner conversation to bring up such awful dreck that I once listened to by the Ohio Express (Chewy Chewy) and the 1910 Fruitgum Company (Simon Says) on good 'ol WABC radio in NYC in 1969.

At least at that time, the next song up might one from the Rolling Stones or the Beatles (as opposed to Flo Rida). And those songs were catchy ear worms too, but had no real soul either.

BTW, I was reminded at the conclusion of that conversation by the spouse, that I am old.

So being the contrarian that I am, I will shout loud, say no to bad pop music (doesn't matter which era)...

And to take this thread in a completely different direction, check out some incredible uncontrived music here (Eric Clapton playing with the Allman Brothers this week at the Beacon Theater in NYC)... Bet you there lots of people dancing in the crowd :-)

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