Thursday, March 26, 2009

I guess growing and/or selling marijuana was not the kind of "green" job President Obama was talking about

Once again, President Barack Obama is answering the big questions facing this country, like whether we should legalize marijuana.

Indeed, many pundits and journalists have been wondering for days whether the President would take the time to address what I like to refer to as "the Spicoli question" during today's digital/live town hall meeting at the White House. And they were not disappointed.

About halfway into the proceedings, President Obama stopped the regular questioning to address the two (albeit related) questions that thousands of concerned, eco-minded citizens had given high marks to in the Jobs category:

Popular questions:

"Should our government decriminilize [sic] marijuana, so that millions of new green jobs can be created, such as building fuel-efficient vehicles, and supplying pharmaceuticals for needy medical marijuana patients, and etc.?"
Green Machine, Winchester,Va

"I'm not a fan of smoking; however, I think legalizing marijuana could be good for our economy. Not only would it create lots of jobs for the public, it could help to boost the economy and get it going again. Could this be a possibility of the future?"
Shades of Grey, Tampa, Florida

"Help boost the economy"? Really? Well, at least junk food manufacturers and the Girl Scouts would see an uptick in sales.

"I don't know what that says about the online audience," Obama joked. But the answer, he said, was "no, I don't think that's a good strategy to grow our economy."



Dave S. said...

I guess you had to be in that particular dorm room that particular night to understand the connection between legalizing marijuana and developing fuel-efficient vehicles. Dude, you mean no one wrote that down? Harsh!

J. said...

Maybe by "fuel-efficient" he meant vehicles that can run on cannabis, like the new Chevy Ganja, or the Ford Reefer, or the Honda Doobie, Dave.

Kendor said...

You know my lease is up, and of course I'm trying to decide what to do. While I'd previously was against the idea of buying American because I've thought the cars sucked, a Chevy Ganja or Chrysler Spliff would appeal to my sense of patriotism!

Dave S. said...

You'd certainly get a lot of applications for emissions tester for those.