Thursday, March 19, 2009

For the man whose home is his starship... Plus, to boldly smell like no man has smelled before

The new J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie (technically Star Trek IX) does not open until May, but already there is considerable hype and product tie-ins. Indeed, thanks to the devotion of its many fans, the Star Trek franchise has lived longer than its creator, Gene Roddenberry, ever imagined, and prospered quite nicely, going far beyond its five-year mission.

While I consider myself a Star Trek fan (does that make me a Trekker or a Trekkie?), my appreciation of the various series and the movies pales in comparison to other, more hard-core Star Trek fans, such as Tod Sturgeon, a 40-year-old manager of a private security firm, pictured above (in a photo from the NYT), who built and painted his own Star Trek captain's chair. And he is not alone, according to this fascinating article in today's New York Times.

Don't have the time to build your own Star Trek captain's chair? No problem. For just over $2,700 (plus $400 for shipping) you can have Scotty over at Sky Mall beam you up this lovely model.

If you don't have the dough and can't make it so -- and/or your spouse complains it won't match the decor -- you can still feel (or should I say smell?) like the captain of your own starship with these official Star Trek fragrances.

Ah... to boldly smell like no man has smelled before... Though why anyone would want to wear Red Shirt (whose tagline is "Because tomorrow may never come") is beyond me. But you gotta love the call to action: Live every day as if it could be your last, with ‘Red Shirt’ cologne. Other scents include Tiberius ("Boldly go") and Pon Farr (designed to "drive him wild").

What else will the Star Trek marketing wizards come up with?

Me, I'll just be happy to go see the movie, which looks... fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Trekkers like SciFi. Trekkies have no life outside of Star Trek,live in their parent's basement at 30 years old, attend conventions, and can speak Klingon.

I am a Trekker myself. Have to have something to look forward because BSG ends on Friday-sigh...

Edward P. Schwartz said...

Not sure what it says about me, but the photo made it look as if the "Captain" was on the toilet. (Perhaps it was your remark about smelling like no man has smelled before). Now that might actually be a moneymaker -- the Starship Enterprise Captain's Chair toilet! You get to press one of those dorky buttons to make it flush. Others might have amusing sound effects or quotes from the show.
"I'm a toilet, Jim, not an Andarian freighter!"
"Set phasers on stun."

OK. Enough of this.

Dave S. said...

I guess you couldn't market a scent called "Logic." The container would have a picture of a wreath of pretty flowers, but it would smell bad.

Klingons, meanwhile, obviously use Axe. Or at least they buy it but realize their mistake when they get it home. "This fragrance has no honor!"

J. said...

Thanks for clarifying, Anonymous. As I don't speak Klingon, have yet to attend a convention, and my parents didn't have a basement, I will place myself in the Trekker camp.

Edward, that comment totally cracked me up. Love it. Though having my private parts stunned while taking care of business is not appealing.

Klingons. Axe. Hee hee. Well done, Dave.

Dave S. said...

Thank you, J, although I'm actually more proud of the "I, Mudd" reference.

Dave S. said...

In re the chair: "Shapely Yeoman/Other Random Female Crewmember Except Uhura Except for That One Episode Sold Separately"

jjv said...

"Pon Far...when you only have sex once every 7 years...after a fight."

J. said...

LMAO, JJV. I think I may know a few guys whose wives wear that. : X