Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie! You still don't look a day over 20!

I can't believe Barbie is 50! Just goes to show you what a little plastic surgery, a good stylist, and some bronzer can do for you. I swear, Barbie's boobs look just as perky as they did 30 years ago -- and her hair doesn't have a streak of gray in it!

If only those of us who grew up with Barbie had aged as gracefully. (For a fun look back at Barbie over the years, check out this nifty Barbie retrospective on

Though, as I recently found out, some Barbies have not aged quite as gracefully as others...

[H/T to Amy at i could cry but i don't have time.]

And while my daughter has never had any interest in Barbie dolls (she much prefers stuffed animals), I had many, as well as a few Kens. (More about Ken later.)

I loved all my Barbies equally, though had a special place for one in particular, Growing Up Skipper, though it was more of a love-hate relationship, truth be told.

Ah yes, Growing Up Skipper, Barbie's little sister or cousin or neighbor (I was never sure which one it was) who, with a twist of her arm, grows breasts as well as taller. If only it was that easy.

Just thinking about the endless, futile arm circles I did back in the day -- with nothing to show for it (still) -- makes my right arm hurt. Indeed, I became so frustrated I believe I may have ripped Skipper's head off. (Served the little bitch right.)

Still, I'd like to think I ultimately did better than Barbie (despite not having a D-cup) as my Ken is anatomically correct and never flirted with Francie.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Barbie!

UPDATED @ 1:30 P.M. EDT:

For those of you who do not regularly read The Washington Post, check out this very funny Barbie article by Sarah Haskins, which was sent to me by blog reader Powaqqatsi.

Also, friend of the blog Dave S. asked me to post this picture of "Star Trek Barbie and Ken," which I found on and sent to him over the weekend. (We are both BIG Star Trek fans.) I have made it so, Dave.


Dave S. said...

And I always thought you were just into exercise a lot...

Is that a limited edition David Duchovny Ken doll? Or is it a Young Dustin Hoffman?

amyz5 said...

thanks for the link love. seems your vid link might not be embedded.

oh barbie, how can she possibly be 50?

Dave S. said...

Two notes on the Star Trek B & K:

1) If you place Yeoman Barbie next to Captain Ken her clothes fly off. "Look at my legs, Ken!"

2) If you place Klingon Ken* next to Captain Ken, the latter's shirt spontaneously rips at the shoulder.

*Sold separately - if you do not collect all four you have no honor

EMM said...

My sister and I had Barbies, Skipper and a few of the key accessories, including the Winnebago and the Airplane.

Oddly enough, I would not put Barbie on the list of my 10 favorite toys/activities as a kid.

I do however love to gently cram my feet into stilettos and stand on my toes for hours on end. Thanks Barbie!!!

Lizzy said...

Funny! Cougar Barbie needs to trot back to her plastic surgeon and get a little breast lift!

Did NOT know there was a Skipper that grew breasts - if only it were so easy (I must, I must, I must increase my bust!)

Ah well....less to fall on the floor now!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

OMG, I always hated Skipper! I thought she was Barbie's tomboyish younger sis. Didn't know she grew breasts either. Hmm, i didn't have that model.

I spent HOURS playing with my Barbie's and her super cool 70's van in my backyard as a child. Can't believe she's 50! She looks amazing. Do you think she's had any work done? :)