Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The night the music died. Or the SUCKIEST American Idol EVER.

OMG. Was this some April Fool's joke?! Of all the nights to suck! This was the Idols chance to be CONTEMPORARY and GREAT, and most of them were neither.

And someone please point me to where the heck on "the top iTunes downloads" you can find "Play That Funky Music White Boy"?! I like the song, but really? I don't think that's been on any Top Pop chart in, oh, 30 years. More. Ditto the rest of them.

Send the whole lot home, I say. Okay, except for Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, who were very good. And I'm not even a Kris fan.

To quote Simon Cowell, it was DREADFUL. The whole evening.

Song choice, song choice, song choice, baby.

Really, Lil? That was the best song you could think of, something by CELINE DION? Come on, Dawg!

And while I know Scott MacIntyre is blind, I wasn't aware that the judges were DEAF. WTF were THEY listening to? Talk about a karaoke bar performance, and not a very good one at that.

I could barely watch -- or listen.

My prediction: Megan Joy is gone, though Anoop and Scott are not far behind her. (And listen Anoop fans, I like Anoop, but he doesn't have IT.)

J-TWO-O out.


Anonymous said...

Peace out Scott, Meagen, Anoop, Danny, Allison, and Matt. Safe Adam, Lil, and Kris...and I missed the Dugger wedding for this???

@ScottBradley said...

I agree...the whole evening was sad sad sad...Not only did most of the performances suck...but some of the songs they chose...O M G

My dawg anoop totally crapped the bed...He wants to be a R & B singer? Give me a break!

That was by far one of the most awkward performances I have ever seen!

Dave S. said...

J channels her inner Leonard Pinth-Garnell... "That wasn't very good now, was it?"

J. said...

Thanks for link, Dave S.! I forgot about Leonard. And yes, last night was "Stunningly bad!" "Exquisitely awful!" and couldn't have been much worse.

Dave S. said...

Almost forgot. J, you're a NYC girl - where the hell is Studio 57?!?

J. said...

Three blocks up from Studio 54, Dave. (I actually missed that faux pas from Kara. Was too busy channeling Leonard Pinth-Garnell, I guess.)

Anonymous said...

Megan needs to take some dance or movement lessons once she departs Idol. And Matt needs to stop singing hot current songs. He can't top Cold Play or The Fray.

marindenver said...

Don't be trash talking my Adam! I love that kid and loved his Funky Music, ditto the Tracks of my Tears last week.

Scott seems like a sweetheart but he can't hit those high notes. I was pretty surprised the judges didn't even mention it. Otherwise pretty much agree with you.

coffee maker said...

Adam Lambert will sign with some kind of record company no matter what happens after this Idol season is over

J. said...

Welcome back, Coffee Maker! I totally agree with you, though I see Adam more on Broadway or in Vegas, being more of a performer, than a recording star.



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