Sunday, March 22, 2009


No, that is not a reference to the people (supposedly) running this country or to the executives who ran AIG (or insert name of big bank/financial institution here) into the ground. I'm talking about breasts, bosoms, ta-tas, hooters, honkers, jugs... Capiche?

And why am I bringing up this topic yet again? (Though, does one really need an excuse to talk about breasts?)

So last night the spouse and I watched The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet on TBS's "Movie & a Makeover." (Great movie, btw, if you like totally unrealistic romantic comedies, with gorgeous scenery, and drool at the thought of Jude Law as a sexy, celibate, lovestruck widower with two adorable moppets.) The show is hosted by Mia Butler, who is, shall we say, rather buxom (similar to the model pictured above right), and was wearing the most low-cut purple sleeveless dress ever. Indeed, Ms. Butler, or certain parts of her, looked as though at any minute they would bust -- I mean, burst -- their flimsy confines. (Hmm... I wonder if Ms. Butler shares the same personal shopper or stylist as Paula Abdul?)

Anyway, despite their in-your-face nature, literally (nice work, camera guy), Ms. Butler's breasts would normally not have elicited more than a "So, do you think they're real?" comment from me. (For the record, both the spouse and I thought they were.) But last night's makeover recipient was a two-time breast cancer survivor who had lost her breasts. And to me, Ms. Butler's attire (or lack thereof) was a real slap (or boob) in the face to this poor woman, who was forced to stand next to Ms. Butler during the big reveal (hers, not Ms. Butler's).

And I was not the only one who thought the display in poor taste.

While watching the Syracuse Orangemen dominate the Arizona State Sun Devils earlier this afternoon, the spouse made a point of stating that he found the juxtaposition of Ms. Butler's boobs with the makeover recipient's lack thereof disconcerting and showed poor judgment on TBS and Ms. Butler's parts. (He also noted that both Cameron Diaz, who appears in just a bra, and Kate Winslet, who is fully clothed at all times, though does appear in a low-cut, sleeveless black dress near the end of the film, were both rather "flat chested." His term, not mine. Though he found both women very attractive.)

So am I making a mountain out of a mole hill -- or creating a tempest in a D-cup?

Maybe. And maybe I wouldn't be making such a big deal out of this, if, like Salma Hayek, I had been more religious as a girl and dipped my hands in holy water and prayed to God for breasts. (Sadly, dipping one's hands in Manischewitz does not yield the same results.)

And while we are on the topic of mammary glands, here's an amusing little article I came across while researching this sensitive subject, titled "5 Things You Didn't Know About Breasts."


TommyMac71 said...

Oh where to begin....

1. Yes it was probably inappropriate of her to showcase the showgirls. But if Obama can make Special Olympics joke (which by the way was funny, let's not forget), there may be no more decency. Ever.

2. Cameron Diaz. Small boobs. But way hot. Yum.

3. Why do your blogs contain random facts and videos and columns and jokes and palindromes and poems about the central topic. I need to reserve all day to comb through the six degrees of J-two-O.

4. Did I mention Cameron Diaz is hot?? Her character....oh what was her name...from "There's Something about Mary" is the perfect woman.

5. The movie sounds dreadful. I will not be Netflixing it.

That is all

Powaqqatsi said...

#5 in that article is disturbing..

I have had the distinct displeasure of having to disclose, on several occasions, to grown men or teenage boys the results of their mammograms. If you ever want to see a man's face sucked of every ounce of his virility; it's getting the results of his mammogram.

Also, I enjoyed the Salma Hayek clip. My 3 daughters have been fortunate in that particular stage of development but it's good to know yet another use for Holy Water.

EMM said...

J- I only caught a glimpse of the movie and a makeover...I had just recently watched The Holiday via Netflix.

While Jack Black is not a hottie, he did come off as quite charming in the movie.

I did not think the hostess with the mostest cleavage was in bad taste. Her attire was not offensive and a bonus for men who had to sit through a chick flick.

As a chick who was skinny and flat chested for some time, I say celebrate the "girls" if you've got 'em.

Boobs, not offensive. Obama acting like a boob on national TV, offensive. Sorry, but Obama as "celebrity in chief" and not commander is annoying.

J. said...

Tommy, am totally with you on the Special Olympics joke and Cameron Diaz (to a point). And be warned, my superficiality runs deep. ; )

I forgot that guys got mammograms, too, Powa, though that is a disturbing image. And still don't understand how I got so short-changed in the genetics department. (And MOM, please don't chime in. OK?)

And EMM, I didn't find Mia's wardrobe offensive, just in poor taste considering the makeover recipient, though I take your eye candy point.

Dave S. said...

Thanks for the mammaries! Go Orange!