Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apparently Henrik Stenson has the balls to play golf

The big story out of the Doral Open (aka the CA Championship) this past week was not the return of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson's masterful play but this guy, Henrik Stenson*, a 32-year-old Swedish golfer who clearly has balls. [SEE BOTTOM -- of post -- FOR THE LATEST ON HENRIK!]

After hitting his ball (the official one) into a bog on the 12th, Stenson, not wishing to take a double bogey or muddy his attire, stripped down to his skivvies to recover his ball -- and game. (Just keep pretending to look at the scorecard, sweetheart.)

"Because of the mud I couldn't really afford to play in any of my clothes as they would have been a real mess down the last six or so holes so I had no option," Stenson explained. Uh huh.

Stenson's final score for the round, a three under 69.

All I can say is J-TWO-O will now be covering (or uncovering) Mr. Stenson a lot more often.

UPDATED 3/15/09 at 11:15 A.M.: Just saw this amusing post titled "Five Golfers We Hope Pull A Henrik Stenson (And Five We Don’t)" and wanted to share. Agree? Disagree? Got some names to add to either list? Let me know via a comment. Btw, I'll be watching the CA Championship (when did it stop being the Doral Open?) this afternoon, and will let you know if I spot any near-naked golfers. (That Nick Watney looks kinda cute... )

UPDATED 3/16/09 at 7:40 A.M.: Apparently, clothing encumbers Mr. Stenson's play as he shot 73, 73, and 83 the remaining rounds of the CA Championship, putting him practically in last place for the tournament (though still first in many female hearts). As expected (?) "Lefty" Phil Mickelson, he of the "man boobs," finished first, though relative newbie Nick Watney put up a strong fight, finishing second. (Tiger finished nine strokes back.) As for me, I hope we will be seeing more of Mr. Stenson in future golf tournaments.

UPDATED 5/11/09: HENRIK STENSON WINS A MAJOR, THE PLAYERS -- FULLY CLOTHED!!! Apparently Henrik Stenson has both the balls and the wood to win a major, as he did, decisively yesterday (Sunday). With a bogey-free round of 6-under 66, putting him four shots ahead of the pack, the fully-clothed Stenson won THE PLAYERS Championship, making him the first Swede to do so. For more about Stenson's win at THE PLAYERS, click here.

*For more pictures of Mr. Stenson in the buff -- I mean rough -- click on the link.


TommyMac71 said...

That is one link I will NOT be me.

And, if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Stenson is a visor wearer, thereby proving my theory that you cannot trust a man who wears a visor

J. said...

Who cares what he's wearing on his head (the other one), Tommy?! Mr. Stenson has not only struck a blow for golf (I guarantee you the ratings for the Doral this weekend will be boffo) but for working out and boxer briefs. I couldn't determine the brand (ahem), but I bet sales of boxer briefs will go up as a result of Mr. Stenson's endorsement. Indeed, sponsors may now want to reconsider where they place their product placements. And this new twist on "proper golf attire" could even attract some new sponsors!

Anonymous said...

You find the most interesting items to cover, J! Thanks for this post. It sure is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

A half naked swede welcomed me this Saturday morning thanks to you J.


Powaqqatsi said...

I think J's next report will be on Mr. Stenson's putter O.ooooo

EMM said...

Vince from Sham Wow has it all wrong. The Swedes, they make good stuff! Henrik, Ikea and ABBA...need I say more?

Thank God Phil wasn't in the bog...I love him, but his man-boobs would have been a scary sight.

Dave S. said...

This list courtesy of the Department of Double Entendres:

Hook (ow)
Slice (ow ow ow)
Ball(s) in the rough

Did he wash his ball once it was out of the bog? Clean balls are important.

Lizzy said...

Who is he fooling? "Didn't want to get clothes dirty"? He just wanted to show off his tighty whiteys!

J. said...

You forgot "fore play," Dave. And I am sure Mr. Stenson had no trouble finding someone willing to clean and shine his balls.

Powa, I am far more interested in his wood. ; )

EMM, I am 100% with you on all counts, though now I have a most unpleasant image of Phil. Ick.

Lizzy, my attitude: if you got it... Also, I do not think it was his tighty-whiteys he was showing off.

And Anonymous #2, all females should be so fortunate as to have that greet us in the morning. : )

EMM said...

Sorry to Laura Davies, but her photo makes her look like John Daly's twin.

Other than Tiger, the "hot" list were all girls. Yeah, yeah, yeah, boobs in a bikini, maybe when you have them, you're not so inclined to make them a priority.

I've had a long standing golf crush on Mike Weir. Sergio Gacia is also cute (when he's not whining).