Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff sent to jail; Levi Johnston sent packing; Tiger Woods heaven sent

Big news day, folks! And frankly, I am not sure which of these stories is making the mainstream media (MSM) and blogosphere giddier. Is it:

a) Ponzi scheme millionaire Bernard Madoff pleading guilty and being immediately sent to jail (after telling the judge how sorry and ashamed he was -- no doubt for getting caught)?

b) Bristol Palin (the teenage daughter of Alaska Governor and erstwhile GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin) and fiance Levi Johnston calling it quits?


c) Tiger Woods playing in his first major after nearly a year's absence (thanks to knee surgery)? (Apparently, golf fans everywhere are thrilled Tiger is back, as, no doubt, are the PGA and the networks covering golf, all of which have suffered because of Tiger's absence.)

What's that you say? What about the continuing economic crisis? Or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or the healthcare crisis? Pshaw! No one wants to hear about those Debbie Downer stories. The public craves vengeance (Madoff), gossip (the Palins -- and how about that Meghan McCain mouthing off about Ann Coulter?! You go girl! Though what's with the motorcycle cap?), and the return of a legend (Tiger!)!

So getting back to the real news of the day, here are my thoughts:

a) Where are Bernie's billions? Apparently the money isn't in his personal bank accounts. So where is it? The guy could not have just blown through $50 billion. Would also still like to see him tarred and feathered.

b) So why did Bristol and Levi split? They say it was mutual, but you don't really believe that, do you? And who's taking care of the kid(s)? And when did "nanny" become a bad word?

c) I don't really have a lot to say about Tiger's return to golf, except YEA! I've always been a big Tiger fan and will probably watch the final rounds of the Doral, but I have no idea how he'll do. Still early days.

Thoughts? Leave me a comment.


jjv said...

I'll take the easy one. You don't blow through 50 billion personally in a Ponzi scheme. The new customers money goes to the old customers. So you take some, no doubt a nice bit, but you send the new "investments" to old investors as their profit. Its easy to lose a few billion that way.

Apparently this guy had not invested any client's money since the early 90's. It was all robbing Peter to pay Paul

J. said...

I agree he didn't personally blow through $50 billion (now estimated to be over $64 billion) and that he robbed Peter to pay Paul/paid out some investors over the years, but per what I've been reading and hearing, there is still A LOT of money unaccounted for, that many suspect is in offshore bank accounts and other places.

EMM said...

I loved the OJesque following of the vehicle on the way to court.

Bristol Palin should be left alone, not her fault her mother was picked to run for VP and touted her all over the place in fancy clothes.

Tiger's story is one of those "spirit fingers", I don't expect the economy to magicly turn around, but we need some fun and fluff!

Cheers from Boston!!!

Powaqqatsi said...

I'd put this news item with the other 3 why work when others will get you a bigger house and take care of your kids for you?

J. said...

I'm with you, EMM, though when you run for public office, your family becomes (somewhat) fair game, at least to the tabloids, which is why I would NEVER run for high office. We value our privacy way too much.

And Powa, I thought about mentioning the Octomom, but I am SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT HER, I couldn't bring myself to do it. But yes, so true.

EMM said...

J, I agree that your family becomes fair game. Unfortunately in this day and age the curiosity and comments go way over the line of decorum. I feel sorry for the Obama's girls. I think Chelsea Clinton was the last of the truly "protected" children.

J. said...

Clearly, I should have added Michael Phelps and Anna Nicole Smith (even though she is dead) to the list. Just go to, where both stories are front page news. (I'm too lazy to insert the link. Just cut and paste it into your browser.)