Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a Tripp... for Sarah and Bristol Palin, the Jets, and this blog

If this presidential election cycle wasn't long and strange enough, now we have this: Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah, the governor of Alaska and erstwhile Republican vice-presidential candidate, has (finally) given birth to a baby boy. The baby's name? Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. (Not to be confused with his not much older baby uncle, Trig Paxson Van Palin.)

The timing is downright eerie as just yesterday afternoon I heard a rebroadcast of Terry Gross's interview with Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live on NPR, in which they discussed Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL and this clip in particular (which does not make mention of Bristol or her baby mama status):

It has also been a long, strange trip (though not to the playoffs) for Brett Favre and the Jets, who fired head coach Eric Mangini yesterday after losing four of their last five games and not making it into the playoffs this year, this despite (or because of?) Brett Favre, whose #4 Jets jersey was the best-seller at NFLShop.com this year. (For the record, I have now officially retired my Jets thong, at least until the 2009 season officially opens and the Jets win a game. But I'll keep wearing my Giants attire as long as their playoff/Super Bowl hopes remain alive!)

And it has been a long, strange trip for me and this blog, which made it onto Jon Swift's Best Blog Posts of 2008 list this week -- and onto the blogrolls of many other fine blogs (all of which I link to at right) over the course of the year. Indeed, in just 11 months I have gone from a trickle of visitors to, if not a tsunami, a rising tide or at least a babbling brook of loyal blog readers, for which I thank you.

Lastly, if you would be so kind and take a minute, I would love to know how you found this blog and where you live (State if in the US of A or Country if not) via a Comment. (FYI: Mom, this does not apply to you -- nor to the kind, patient folks who asked or begrudgingly agreed to be on my New Blogpost Alert email list.)

UPDATED 12/31/08: My mother-in-law just forwarded me this clip of "Uncle Jay Explains" Year End Wrap Up, which I thought worth posting here as it neatly sums up (in song!) the highlights of 2008.

And with that I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


Betty Cracker said...

She really named the baby Tripp? After its grandma just got busted for selling hillbilly heroin? Poor kid.

Sorry about yer Jets. I went to the sucky Bucs game this Sunday and watched them blow it in the 4th quarter to the even suckier Raiders. I also had the misfortune to be seated 2 rows behind a pair of obnoxious Raiders fans. Are all Raiders fans repressed drag queens or what? Anyhoo, they were lucky they got out of the stadium without wearing a steaming load of nacho sauce. Pfft.

larissa said...

It has been a trip(p?)
I can't imagine what's next
Goodbye to O-Eight

J. said...

Hey, it could've been worse. They could have named the kid Dope or Blow.

Sorry about your Bucs, Betty. At least I have the Giants... for at least a couple more weeks.

Looking forward to more haikus in 2009, Larissa.

Dave S. said...

Betty, "obnoxious Raiders fans" is redundant, in much the same way as "Redskins fans who assume their team is Super Bowl bound every year", the local variety up with which I have to put. (Ta da!) Thong-wearing fans of any team in any sport are OK in my book.

I suspect the Palin family motto is "What Not to Name Your Kids," which sounds better in Latin. "Van Palin"?! Come on.

J. said...

"Van Palin." Hmmm. Maybe their family motto is "Might as well hump." (I know Todd's was "I can't drive 55.")

Dave S. said...

They certainly have cradles to rock. (Have you seen Trigg's grades?!?)

TommyMac71 said...

I don't have any clever Van Halen jokes.

I would like to point out I never acquired the Favre #4 Jets jersey. But I am the proud owner of a #29 Leon Washington jersey. Almost wore it out to watch the game on Sunday but didn't want to make the wrong impression on the ladies....

As for the Palins....living in America, it means we are free to NEVER TALK ABOUT SARAH PALIN ever again.......god willing.

Though the Palin rap was a top SNL sketch. I saw it live and just assume I had fallen asleep because it was, you know, hysterical

jjv said...

I hope this puts to rest the insane Lefty meme that Trig was not Sarah Palin's but her daughters.

I also predict Sarah Palin will be back so those who think her gone from the National stage are kidding themselves.

J. said...

Had you worn #29, Tommy, I don't know if I could have resisted you. You know I am a huge Leon Washington fan.

And JJV, I don't think anyone thinks the GILF is gone for good. Just a matter of time, and perhaps another baby or two.

Betty Cracker said...

From your lips to God's ears, JJV. I sincerely hope Palin returns to the national stage -- again and again! The results were so pleasing to me last time.

Dave S. said...

I am shocked and disappointed that Tommy has no VH jokes. Not even "Hot for Blogger"? Disappointed.

I too am glad that the "insane Lefty meme" has been put to rest, since as a member of a monolithic hive I was forced to support that. When Andrew Sullivan becomes an insane Lefty I guess anything's possible.

I also echo Betty's hope that Sarah Palin returns to the national stage, with or without kids in tow.

TommyMac71 said...

Why do you guys want Palin back on the national spotlight? comedy relief??

EMM said...

Just so long as we don't get the "apolitical blues"...the "meanest blues of all".

Cheers to 2009!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

Congrats on the Best Blogs of '08 listing! Was going to tell you about this gagdget I have seen on other blogs called Feedjit. It tells you exactly where your visitors are coming from and where they go when they leave your site. I've seen at that No One Puts Cupcake in the Corner blog (where there is still time to vote for me!).
Happy New Year to you and the family too!

Pancake Queen said...

What a long name! Is it in Palin's tradition to have such long middle names? (hahaha).

Anyway, wishing you a very happy new year, full of joy and laughters ;-)