Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Karl Rove Actually the Great Gazoo?

As the Bush Administration winds down to a close (only 35 more days!), and we re-hash or review all that went wrong during the last eight years, I am suddenly reminded of the Great Gazoo, the little green alien (and self-admitted "kook") from The Flintstones, who invented the Doomsday Button, for which he was banished from Zatox, crash-landed on Earth, found by Fred and Barney, and "hired" to serve them -- though he actually winds up just getting them in trouble (typically lots of trouble) and ultimately serving himself. (Just like Karl Rove!)

As Gazoo (voiced by the late, great Harvey Korman) warns Fred in this clip, "Take heed: Don't ask for more than you can handle. You may get it."

While the introduction of Gazoo seemed like a good thing at the time, it ultimately was the beginning of the end for The Flintstones series as it was canceled the very season Gazoo began appearing. (No such luck for us re Rove and Bush.) Yet I still think there are some analogies to be drawn.

I mean, just look at this drawing and the photo above and tell me Karl Rove does not look like the Great Gazoo, or that Fred and Barney do not resemble Bush and Cheney. I rest my case.

And while we never learned the final fate of Gazoo, at least on the show, I heard a rumor that he is now serving new masters over at Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

As for the fate of the incoming President, I just hope that Rahm Emanuel (or some other senior adviser) does not turn out to be Barack "Superman" Obama's Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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TommyMac71 said...

I'm not even sure what this blog meant, but I love the great Gazoo. Any mention of Gazoo raises my spirits. Not as much as a striped tie-clad Jennifer Aniston...mmmmm.....

I guess Gazoo was when the Flintstones jumped the shark huh?