Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's dream team, John Mara's Giant nightmare

While President Elect Barack Obama and his advisers are no doubt hoping Congress doesn't shoot down any of his picks for National Security when they go to the Hill for confirmation hearings some time next year, the Giants are dealing with a star wide receiver who apparently was so concerned about being shot down in the VIP room of a Manhattan nightclub Friday night that he shot himself -- with a gun he did not have a permit to carry in New York City. (Hey, at least Obama had the good sense not to nominate this guy for any national or homeland security post, even if he does have a Super Bowl ring.)

So who did Obama pick for his National Security Dream Team? I know this will come as a HUGE surprise (to no one at this point) but he nominated Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. (And could she have looked any more miserable while he made the announcement? Were those tears in the Secretary Elect's eyes?)

Rounding out the Obama National Security Team [insert Chicago Bulls' player introduction with Barack Obama's dream team edited in here] are Defense Secretary Robert Gates, retaining his current post; Eric Holder as attorney general; Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as homeland security secretary; Susan Rice (what is it about African-American chicks named Rice and international relations?) as United Nations ambassador; and retired Marine General Jim Jones as national security adviser at the White House.

Argue all you like about whether this is a change we can believe in or even much of a change (from the Clinton or Bush pere years), but I think it shows political savvy on Obama's part, in a lot of ways. However, only time -- and terrorists and whether we have more war or peace -- will tell.

Similarly only time (as in jail time) will tell what happens to Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who I will henceforth refer to as Burr-ASS, who surrendered himself to the authorities earlier today.

Per an article in today's, "According to state law, a person carrying a gun without a permit faces 3 ½ to 15 years in prison if prosecutors prove that the person intended to use the weapon on another person. If intent to use cannot be proved, the person may still face felony charges that could result in up to seven years in prison."

Buh-bye, Plax. What a waste. (Guess you'll have lots of time for that hamstring to heal now, though, huh? Though I wonder if the Giants will actually fire Burr-ASS or just suspend him for a few games and will have to honor his $35 million/five-year contract.)

But do not fear Giants fans -- or mourn for Burr-ASS. As they showed yesterday with their 23 - 7 defeat of the Washington Redskins in Washington, in miserable weather, the G-Men, lead by quarterback Eli Manning, continue to prove they can win without the likes of Burr-ASS, Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey, and Michael Strahan, thank you very much. (I will not discuss the Jets pathetic loss to the Broncos yesterday at Giants Stadium, 34 - 17.)

Coming up next (or soon): What is it about Anderson Cooper that makes women (and men) want to throw their panties at/make cupcakes for him?

UPDATED 1:43 P.M.: Just read this excellent article by John Feinstein in The Washington Post, about professional athletes and guns. A must read.


Dave S. said...

Eric Holder: So nice, you had to say it twice!

I would imagine the Giants would drop Burress pronto and gladly take whatever salary cap hit, just to be done with him as soon as possible. He does not appear to be indispensable to them.

Man, no kidding about the Jets, although never fear: there's always the Bills for comparison!

J. said...

Oops. That's what happens when you don't triple check what you've written. (I had actually written this post very early this morning then updated it during the press conference, after Burress had turned himself in.) Thanks for letting me know, Dave!

Dave S. said...

Re Cooper, 360 degrees is pretty hot, so maybe that's it.

Betty Cracker said...

Tag -- you're it. Sorry.

jjv said...

All the guy did was carry a gun. He also shot himself which sounds like "reckless discharge" to me. How are the prosecutors going to show he intended to use it for anything but self defense? And with Heller it becomes more difficult to enforce NY style "gun control" laws. He should get a decent plea.

Where I live anyone can carry a gun in the open at any time but need a license to conceal it. We do not have a big crime problem. Mayor Mike should put a sock in it. He can hire body guards the rest of us can't.

J. said...

Interesting points, counselor. Thanks for the comment.

Homer Jones Fan said...

Mike Lupica columnist for the Daily News retold the Burress story well in his column today. Reading Lupica's story led me to quip to my buddy Lou that the whole image of Plex playing with his pistol was kind of like masturbating. "Hey how did I know it would go off?"

We both had a good laugh with that.