Sunday, December 7, 2008

Barack Obama, David Gregory on "Meet the Press"... Go Gators!... Sick and tired...

Just finished watching President-Elect Barack Obama on NBC's "Meet the Press." And while I found Obama's recent "60 Minutes" interview more enjoyable (or humorous), I thought the President Elect acquitted himself rather well, answering Tom Brokaw's questions for the most part, except for the one regarding whether he still occasionally smoked. (And really, could you blame the guy for taking the occasional drag? Also, is it just me or do both Obama and Brokaw look a lot older than they did 20 months ago?)

Brokaw also officially revealed (though it's been buzzed about all week) that David Gregory will be the new moderator on "Meet the Press," and with a warm introduction officially handed over the microphone to Gregory this morning (at least symbolically) -- with the caveat that "Stretch" (Gregory's W. nickname, an homage to his 6'5" frame) was henceforth barred from doing his infamous Brokaw impression (which, sadly, I could not find a clip of on YouTube or anywhere else).

While I am a fan of David Gregory, I am as yet unable to picture him as full-time moderator on "Meet the Press," though I am sure he will do a fine job. Perhaps it is because former "Meet the Press" moderator Tim Russert did such an excellent and impartial job, and made an indelible mark on the show and on political punditry in general. But I truly wish Mr. Gregory success in his new role.*

Onto football, in this case, college football.... While I do not usually watch college football, I found myself glued to the tube yesterday afternoon watching the Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship matchup between #1 Alabama (aka The Crimson Tide and 12-0 upon entering the game) and #2 Florida (The Gators, who were 11-1 upon game time -- and have a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in Tim Tebow).

Perhaps it was because I was sick and could barely move from my bed (more on this below), or because I know some serious Gator fans, but I could not keep my eyes off the action -- and found myself cheering on the Gators, who chewed through Alabama's defense and offense. The final score, Florida 31, Alabama 20. Could this mean another Heisman for Tebow, who is only a junior, and a shot at the BCS title for the Gators? I have no clue. Ask the President Elect (or my blogger buddy "Betty Cracker," who is a big time Gators fan). But if they do, I'll be watching.

Finally, in reading over this post, I had hoped it would be funnier, but I fear my severe cold has taken a toll on my sense of humor (and just about everything else), though apparently not on my ability to do the laundry. (Sadly, clothes don't wash or dry themselves.) However, things could be much worse. My poor friend Laura in D.C., wife of Dave S., and the mother of two young tots, has been laid up with the flu for well over a week now. (I've already ordered your medal, Dave). And at least I don't have the dreaded Man Cold:

[H/T to Dave S.]

*Personally, I was rooting for Gwen Ifill to get the gig, but am happy the powers that be didn't choose Chucky T. (aka Chuck Todd).

UPDATED 7:34 A.M. ON 12/8/08: I now have the dreaded Man Cold, except I don't have a little bell or someone to attend to my needs if I did have one and rang it. (Full disclosure: Over the weekend I did use my cell phone to summon my spouse, who was downstairs.) Nor has anyone rubbed my tummy and said "poor little bunny," which would have been nice, except I don't like having my tummy rubbed. AND I still managed to propel myself downstairs this morning to feed and water the cats and clean their litter boxes and fixed and packed the child (after washing and sanitizing my hands) her snack and lunch for school and paid bills, all before 7:15. (I'd pat myself on the back, but it hurts to lift my arms.) : (

So I will not be issuing a new blog post today (and not just because both the Giants and Jets SUCKED yesterday and aren't worthy of a blog post), but I hope to get one up later this week, as soon as the haze clears.


Lizzy said...

Ha Ha Ha! That was a hysterical (and sadly, accurate) video! Feel better soon!

Betty Cracker said...

Yep, it's official now -- Gators vs. Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl for the national title. I doubt Tebow will win a 2nd Heisman this year, though you could certainly make a case that he should! His numbers aren't as stellar as last year. But I think he meant more to the team this year. Superman wears Tebow pajamas.

TommyMac71 said...

I'm am officially not talking about football today.

I would like J to talk about MAAC basketball though (GREAT game between Fairfield and Iona yesterday!)

So I will ask only this question.... If you're sick and you're folding laundry, aren't you preserving your sick germs on otherwise clean clothes for the entire holiday season. Shouldn't the husband step up and fulfill his "better or worse" duties???

J. said...

Tommy, I feel your football pain (and a lot of other pains, too). However, I am not (as yet) so desperate (or sick) to start watching MAAC basketball.

Re the laundry (and other household chores), I have been washing and/or sanitizing my hands more times than Lady Macbeth, especially when entering a common space/touching clothing or food. Sadly, as the spouse reminded me earlier, regardless, my germs were already all over the place. But I appreciate your concern -- and will instruct the spouse to read the comments. : )

marindenver said...

Hope you feel better soon! And I loved that video - so true.