Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is it about Anderson Cooper that turns otherwise sane women into panty-throwing, AC-worshipping CNN junkies?

Or put another way, is Anderson Cooper* the Tom Jones of cable news?

But it's not just women who want to throw their panties at the blue-eyed news lothario of CNN. Oh no. Just check out this guy's site, titled "SHAMELESS ANDERSON COOPER WORSHIP 1" (meaning that somewhere out there there are other shameless Anderson Cooper worship websites and blogs).

So what is it about Young Blue Eyes that makes both men and women (including myself and many of my female friends) want to stay up late to watch CNN or play hooky from work whenever he co-hosts "Live with Regis and Kelly" (when Rege is away)? Is it his finely chiseled good looks? The ever-so-gently tussled, prematurely white hair? Those piercing blue eyes? That dimpled smile? His firm grasp on the issues? His enormous... compassion? The way he looks right into the camera as though he's looking right into your soul?

I confess, I didn't always have a thing for Mr. Cooper, quite the opposite in fact. When we were in school together, I thought him a bit of a brat and even annoying. But so many of the kids I attended Dalton with back in the day were like that, the pampered pups of the rich and famous, self-centered, and looking down their often plastic surgeried noses at the bourgeoisie (like me). Although I barely knew Anderson back then, he and his brother, Carter, teased me mercilessly, as did their friends, after I wrote a biography of their mother in fifth grade, for an English or Social Studies assignment, and referred to her as "Gloria," which she had told me to do when I interviewed her. (For the record, while her children were often cruel to me, Mrs. Vanderbilt was always kind to me the few times I saw or spoke to her.)

But I forgive you now, Anderson. (And I was truly dumbstruck and cried when I heard about Carter.)

See, that is the amazing power that Anderson Cooper has! He can make people go from despising him to adoring him!

And on December 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT -- TiVo/DVR alert! -- (thank you, eldorado59970) Anderson will be once again doing battle (for the planet and for our hearts and eyeballs) on "Planet in Peril: Battle Lines."

UPDATED 6:00 P.M.: Many thanks to my friend, "Barker," for alerting me to this clip. (Don't know how I managed to miss this.)

Swoon. Ain't he dreamy?

So, what makes you want to bake cupcakes for or throw your panties at Anderson Cooper? Let me know...

*Personally, I like the picture on Cooper's CNN page better, but the Wikipedia link has more interesting background/non-CNN-related stuff.


Anonymous said...

No mention of that incrdible sexy and awkward laugh!!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

Personally I would never bake cupcakes for Anderson! :) Though my Nana knew Gloria somehow and I remember playing with he and Carter as a child in their home somewhere in W'chester or LI. That is mean that they teased you about your report on Gloria!

He doesn't do it for me either though I have to say I've seen him on John Stewart (who is definitely cupcake-baking worthy!) and he plays along unlike some of the other news guys who take themselves way too seriously. At least he seems to have a sense of humor and realizes that what he does is not life-saving stuff.

Barker said...

Since the news is austensibly about truth, if you threw your panties at Andy, he'd most likely put them on and run after a shirtless Michael Phelps shouting "rematch!"

Moishie, studying for a medical degree said...

We used to work with Anderson Cooper. I'll never forget the time Andy was covering a story at a local hospital. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to the emergency room. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said, 'No change yet.'

marindenver said...

J. you should check that link from Barker - totally great footage of Coopie topless!

J. said...

So true, Barker. So sad, but so true. Loved the link, but trunks?! No Speedo?! So disappointing. (And thanks Marindenver for encouraging me to watch it.)

Sorry I forgot to mention his awkward laugh, though you did it for me, Anonymous.

As for you LMC, you can have Jon Stewart, who does NOTHING (zero, zilch) for me. But how about baking ME some cupcakes? : )

And for my mother, who is now very concerned (and hasn't figured out how to post a comment here), I still love my spouse and will not be dumping him any time soon for AC.

Lizzy said...

I fell in love with Anderson Cooper 3 years ago, but not because he's cute. I knew nothing about him (except he had nice blue eyes; I wondered why he didn't dye his hair (however, the silver has grown on me)). I had watched him on CNN and thought he was a thorough journalist, but nothing special.

However, I fell in love with him after Hurricane Katrina hit (dead on) the region where I grew up: the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For 3 days after Katrina hit, all the news was about New Orleans. There wasn't a word about the Mississippi coast. Not until Anderson dragged his crew through the rubble to Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis and showed the utter devastation the region had suffered - 99% of homes were gone (just slabs of concrete remained) due to the 25 foot storm surge.

Anderson was the first journalist to bravely tell us what we didn't want to hear, but needed to hear...the Coast as we knew it was gone. Many people had drowned in their homes which had turned into fishbowls.

He reported around the clock for 3 weeks in Ms. and I was glued to the TV and cried. But I was relieved to know: the other networks only cared about New Orleans. Anderson told stories of survival, stories of desperation, stories of the unprecedented horrifying hurricane damage one region suffered. It looked like an atomic bomb had destroyed 60 miles of the Coast. He did so with dignity and grace. He was my lifeline to Ms. during those first weeks.

I think we all like (love) him because he isn't afraid to go where no one else wants to go and deliver the message in empathic words. I adore him.

What clinched my love for Anderson was when he admitted in his book that he spends his down time watching silly reality shows such as "my sweet 16th birthday" to wind down. He's human and you feel like you know him.

J - I can't believe my wonderful Anderson picked on you at Dalton - you must have him mixed up with someone else! Finally, he's pretty darn cute too, silver hair and all!

eldorado59970 said...

Intelligent, handsome, classy, witty, a go-getter, adventurous and kind of mysterious, what's not to love about Anderson?

Planet in Peril actually will be on next Thursday, Dec 11.

J. said...

Thanks eldorado59970! I actually had the ad on the back cover of the TV Guide next to me when I wrote the post, but clearly I was so intoxicated by the image of AC, I screwed up the date.

the Spouse! said...

BTW I'm getting more than just a tad gray... but unfortunately, my brown eyes will not turn blue.

EMM said...

I don't typically like blue eyed must be the hair. AC seems to be earnest and his appreciation of "brain candy" reality TV makes him normal.

While I would not throw my unmentionables at Mr. Cooper, I would bake him cupcakes...with sprinkles. Perfect snack while watching "real housewives", et. al.