Sunday, December 14, 2008

If the shoe fits... W. pelted by a pair of Size 10s.

Why someone didn't give this guy the boot long ago beats me.

But apparently during President George W. Bush's surprise visit to Iraq today, Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, an Iraqi-owned station based in Cairo, Egypt, decided to give W. the shoe -- both of them. (Apparently, or so Bush joked, they were a Size 10, and the President was able to narrowly avert a footwear war.)

Here's the footage (just posted by MSNBC):


Anonymous said...

I have a closet full of shoes-how can I get in and play?

larissa said...

holy flying shoe
there is no right thing to say
not much more bush left

jjv said...

They shouldn't let Keith Olberman attend these things.

In all seriousness, the glee liberals take in an attack in a foreign country on the man who liberated Iraq does not speak well of them.

Liberahtzi said...

Forget the shoes, I was thinking camel dung would have been more appropriate. And JJV, Dude, I don't care what your politics are, how could you possibly celebrate W as a liberator of anything. This is not a left or right thing. I think this was an amazing spontaneous (and appropriate) expression of true frustration, from someone likely to be more impacted by the "liberation" than you.

EMM said...

This is disgraceful. I admire Bush for brushing it off and I find the comments about joining in offensive. The lack of respect people have for the Office of the President is pathetic.

I would not wish this on Obama and wonder if something like this were to happen to him if you'd all think it was funny or would it be an attack and something to be taken seriously.

J. said...

The lack of respect people have for the Office of the President is pathetic.

It is not the Office it is the Man that people do not respect, EMM, and with good reason. If this country had been occupied by a foreign power for years, and I had seen family and friends die and property devastated all around me, I would want to throw much more than a pair of shoes at the leader of the occupying power. And let's put aside whether or not the occupation was just or unjust. NO ONE wants to live under occupation.

I WEEP for all the people, Americans and innocent Iraqi civilians (women and children) who have lost their lives because of this unnecessary and unprovoked war in Iraq, which George W. Bush instigated. And am with Obama in that the real war began and should end in Afghanistan.

George W. Bush abused the power of President, which is a great and noble office (and yes, Clinton besmirched it with his shenanigans), and he is lucky he only got a shoe or two.

Respect must be earned.

jjv said...

This is nonsense. The rest of the journalists were mortified. And where was the brave shoe thrower when Saddam was killing Iraqis on an unprecedented scale? Toss a lot of shoes did he? If you think this was spontaneous there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. The very fact that this guy isn't dead shows, in fact, Bush is a liberator.

I suppose your all for the guy who got tased because he wouldn't stop harrassing Kerry? Maybe he should have thrown shoes?

Why should any president meet with journalists if those who oppose his policies throw things at him? This just shows the level of Bush derangement syndrome. In no other situation would you condone this.

I suppose South Koreans should have pelted Truman with Shoes? Kosovans, Clinton? South Vietnamese, Lyndon Johnson? Do you even know whether this guy is a baathist you are cheering on? Do you care?

J. said...

I care deeply about shoes, JJV, and hate to see a perfectly good pair thrown away like that.

Dave S. said...

I second J's opinion. A Manolo is a terrible thing to waste.