Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's the Easter Mini!

Hey, boys and girls! Did you know this Sunday is Easter? And if you are really good, maybe the Easter Mini will bring you some chocolate Easter eggs! Yay!

The resemblance to this giant gray Flemish rabbit is striking, no? But can that rabbit deliver eggs at 55 mph? I don't think so.

A happy Easter to my Christian friends (and to my Jewish ones who will be holding their annual Easter egg hunt this weekend)!

[To answer your questions: Yes, I really did go and buy rabbit ears and a rabbit nose for my car. (They came as a package.) Yes, that is my Mini Cooper, Roger, who is only slightly bigger than that Flemish rabbit. And yes, I know Roger looks more like the Easter Mouse than the Easter Bunny. Work with me people.]


Anonymous said...

Love it!

larissa said...

Oh no you didn't!
Roger has a nice basket
Will he deliver?

Anonymous said...

It's great the way you get into the spirit!