Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Style

Less than 30 days 'til Christmas, people! Do you know where your Christmas lights are?

Admit it, you love those houses that go way overboard for Christmas -- as long as they are not next door to or down the block from you. And by overboard, I am not talking strings of pretty twinkly lights tastefully draped over a few trees or a discreet little manger in the front yard. Oh no. I'm talking a life-sized plastic Santa and sled pulled by eight not-so-tiny reindeer and/or a Las Vegas-worthy sound-and-light show.

Speaking of which, while synching your Christmas lights with music is nothing new (love that Waitresses song), I am horrified amused by how people try to one-up themselves or their neighbors each year.

And now in the ultimate fusion of pop culture and holiday commercialism, someone has gone and synchronized his Christmas light display to the Korean pop (or K-pop) hit "Gangnam Style" by PSY, the video of which just became the most-watched video ever on YouTube with over 805 million views. (Don't worry, Justin Bieber fans. I'm sure the Bieb will be okay.)

I particularly love these two YouTube comments about the "Gangnam Style" Christmas house:

"Your neighbors must love you..." from stewis93


"The only way this would be even more awesome is if Santa came out of the garage doing the dance," from brokinwand92, which I totally agree with. (Indeed, it is only a matter of time -- days -- until someone does a "Gangnam Style" parody featuring Santa and some sexy reindeer or helpers.)

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