Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puppy love

I love dogs. That is, other people's dogs. When they are cute and well-behaved and I don't have to take care of them. So when our friend, R., showed us these pictures of her dog Monty with their new puppy, Stella, I just melted.

How cute are they? (Just look at those noses!)

Of course, having cats, who, if presented with a new kitten would either a) swiftly swack it the moment it invaded the older cat's space/food bowl/litter box; b) call UPS to have it returned; c) express their displeasure in a variety of ways; d) ignore it; or e) all of the above, I was curious to know if Monty was at all jealous of the adorable new pup. Far from it, replied R. Indeed, Monty loves little Stella. Here is the proof:

How sweet is that?!

Now please excuse me while I go get an insulin shot.

[Thanks to R. and E. for sharing their puppy pics with me!]

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Anonymous said...

When we introduced a second new cat, it was a cold war that had an occasional hot flash skirmishes. We assumed they hated each other until several years later, they were discovered napping together-SNEAKS!!!