Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I will now panda to your baser emotions!

To panda (definition): to act like an adorable baby panda; especially to provide gratification to others -- as in, I will now panda to your need for cuteness by showing you this video of Xiao Liwu* (meaning “little gift”), the San Diego Zoo's 3.5-month-old incredibly adorable panda cub, who was just officially named! 

Here he is getting his 100-day checkup! (Who's a cute little panda cub? Who's a cute little panda cub? Xiao Liwu is!**)

To see an unbearably cute video compilation of Xiao Liwu getting his various baby panda exams, click here.

*Per the San Diego Zoo, Xiao Liwu is pronounced sshyaoww (falling then rising tone) lee (falling then rising tone) woo (falling tone).

**Hey, would you rather I blogged about the Petraeus love triangle (or pentagon) -- or the fiscal cliff? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sugar high!!!!

I lurv me a good cutie putuie baby panda!!! And much sick of Generals and their privates. Much happier with pandas and their bums.