Thursday, September 27, 2012

And now a word from Samuel L. Jackson re the 2012 presidential election

Samuel L. Jackson is m*therf**cking pissed, people. And he wants apathetic Democrats and so-called undecided voters to wake the F**K up this November 6 and go vote for President Barack Obama. Or else.

[Warning: In case you cannot tell by the title of this video, which is "Wake the F**K Up,"* due to the use of a certain four-letter word beginning with the letter "f," and a version of this word with "mother" placed in front of it, this video may not safe for work or viewing with young children.]

Consider this your presidential wake-up call, people. Trust me, you do not want to piss off Samuel L. Jackson.

*The title is a sly reference to the infamous parody of bedtime stories titled "Go the F**k to Sleep," which Samuel L. Jackson narrated for the audio version. To hear it, click here

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