Monday, September 10, 2012

The best song you've never heard?

I am not a big fan of Heineken beer, but I am a big fan of the songs they play on their commercials (which you probably have not seen unless you watch a lot of baseball and football, which I do). And ever since I saw Heineken's latest ad, titled "The Switch," I've been obsessed with the song played in the background.

(Is it just me or is that singer a dead ringer for Amy Winehouse?)

So finally, last night, after seeing "The Switch" a half dozen times (we watched a lot of sports yesterday: football -- GO JETS!* -- baseball (Mets still suck, sigh), and the U.S. Open women's tennis final, which was awesome, though could someone please put a mute button on Victoria Azarenka already?)  I went Googling to see who sang the song played in the background.

Turns out, the song is called "Love Letter," and it's by a group called Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes. And it's even more awesome than I thought. (Also, I am clearly not the only one who saw and heard a resemblance between Clairy Browne and Amy Winehouse.)

"Love Letter" is totally going on my iPod, and if you like smokey, jazzy, R&B songs (or Amy Winehouse), I recommend you put it on yours.

So if any of you know of an awesome song most people probably never heard of, please leave a Comment with the name of the song and the YouTube link.

*So are the Jets this good or were the Bills that bad?


Jim Smith II said...

Thanks for this! I've been meaning to look it up, but kept forgetting, you picked up my slacking off!

Dave S. said...

A bit Winehouse-y for me (and I like AW) but extra points for use of the World's Largest Saxophone. On the other hand, I prefer this Heineken ad for the general mania.

Here's an awesome song from a beer commercial most people don't remember even if they ever heard it in the first place. The only YouTube of the commercial itself was terrible in quality, but those who remember will experience sudden involuntary tooth-glinting.

J. said...

@Jim, you are welcome. :-)

@Dave, I like the whole ad series. Fun and well done. Shame the beer sucks. Re "Cool World," which beer ad was it in?

Dave S. said...

This is obligatory although I am no fan of PBR.

As for "Cool World," may I present today's "But of course!" moment. (warned you about the quality.)

J. said...

I thankfully missed that Budweiser ad.