Tuesday, September 25, 2012

James Bond turns 50; still sexy as hell

Today marks the release of Bond 50 [aka From Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment with Love], a Blu-ray collection of all 22 James Bond films celebrating 50 years of Agent 007 doing what he does best.

My first James Bond film was The Spy Who Loved Me, and, I confess, I fell a little bit in love with Roger Moore that day. That is until I saw Sean Connery as 007, in either Dr. No or Goldfinger, a few years later. Damn, that man was hot. Indeed, for me, Sean Connery is the ultimate Bond.

You know what else I loved about the James Bond movies? The cars. Particularly Bond's Aston Martin DB5. Man, I loved that car. And when I spotted an Aston Martin DB5 parked outside my flat in London one day, I nearly fainted. (Sadly, James Bond was nowhere to be found, but I did get a photo, of the car.) So I enjoyed watching this video compilation of the various James Bond cars (and 007s), put together in honor of 50 years of James Bond.

But wait, there's more, James Bond fans! On November 9 we get the newest James Bond feature, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig. Let the product placements and promotions begin! First up, this clever James Bond-themed ad from Heineken.

Though, seriously, would James Bond ever drink a Heineken? (A Dos Equis I might understand, if Bond was in Mexico. After all, 007 is the second most interesting man in the world. But a Heineken? No way.)

And while it's true that most of us will never have the adventures, the cars, or the women that James Bond had, at least now you can smell like James Bond with James Bond 007, the official fragrance of James Bond. It's dangerously exciting. (Be sure to check out the comments on YouTube re what the fragrance would smell like.)

So what was/is your favorite James Bond film and James Bond? Let me know via the comments.


Dave S. said...

The best Bond? Connery. SEAN Connery. Although I am one of the very few in the "Dalton wasn't so bad" camp and Daniel Craig was great in Casino Royale (only one of the DC ones I've seen).

The best film? I go back and forth between From Russia with Love and Goldfinger.

Anonymous said...

Roger Moore wa my first but Sean is best. I am loving the new Blonde Bond!!! He brings something extra to the part-the ability to be topless-sexy beast!

Anonymous said...

DB5 parked outside your flat - you lucky lady....That has always been my dream / fantasy car ! The Spy who loved me was my first...Pierce Brosnan became James Bond for me, but when they cut out the drinking, smoking and bed hoping it kind of lost the image Fleming created for me in the books....Bond as a flawed character always balanced right on the edge !