Monday, May 28, 2012

Time for some girl on grill action

You know how to tell when summer has truly arrived (at least here in the Northeast)? When Weber Grills starts airing its "Have Fun With It" ad.

Whenever I see the Weber ad (or, more accurately, hear the song Weber commissioned for the ad, "You Light Me Up"), I want to get up and grill -- or dance around it, whacking my big metal grilling spatula against my hip like it's a tambourine.

I love me some good bbq -- and good summer weather.  

So what do you have cookin' this afternoon?

[The spouse is smoking ribs and making beer-can chicken in our Weber smoker and grilling some corn to go with. Mm mm mm. Will add photos later.]

Behold, the power of the smoker! Presenting... the spouse's beer-can chicken and ribs (with corn on the side):

1 comment:

Dave S. said...

Meet the meat, indeed. I recognize the one in the middle from a Peter Gabriel video.