Thursday, May 17, 2012

I feel sad: Donna Summer dead at 63

Hearing that legendary disco diva Donna Summer is dead from breast cancer at 63 makes me feel like someone who left a cake out in the rain. And I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe again.

And while I loathe the song "Macarthur Park" (whose lyrics I just quoted), I was a huge fan of Donna Summer back in the day -- and wore deep groves into her 1979 hit album Bad Girls. Toot toot hey beep beep.

Donna Summer was seriously Hot Stuff.

RIP Donna Summer. We loved to love ya, baby.

[FYI, for those who were not Donna Summer fans, the title of this post refers to the Summer classic "I feel love." And I totally agree with the YouTube commenter who wrote "Donna was the D in Disco."]


amy Z said...

And end of an era for sure. But we will remember her during the last dance of every Bar Mitzvah for years to come!

Funny, you never struck me as a disco queen, J. I guess she crossed all barriers.

J. said...

Was seriously into disco (and hard rock) before my '80s new-wave, post-punk, techno-pop phase. Even had a t-shirt that said "disco" on it in metallic silver, which went splendidly with my Dorothy Hamill-style haircut. ;-)

EMM said...

Sadly, they come in threes: Adam Yauch/MCA, Chuck Brown (DC's go go music godfather) and now Donna Summer.

J, I also had the Dorothy Hamill it in 5th grade in order to get my ears pierced.