Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'll drink to that!

Best Cinco de Mayo margarita ad EVER.

(Warning: Do not be distracted by the incredibly cute kitten with the beret, people!)

Anyone else want to make it with a fireman?

Mmm... margarita.

Thank you, Sauza Tequila. And thank you, Mr. Fireman.


Another David S. said...

Kittens + abs = chick porn

Anonymous said...

What, what, where, uhmmm????

I was distracted by a very cute kitten in a beret-did you say something.

and, maybe a fireman...grrrrrrrrrr

J. said...

More about Sauza tequila's "Make It with a Fireman" ad and hunky French-speaking fireman Thomas Beaudoin, here.

Dee Loralei said...

Adorable kitten in a beret squee!