Saturday, April 14, 2012

"May contain awesome."

Another Caturday, another cat-filled blog post. (Giving people a place to post and share their cat pictures and videos was, after all, why Al Gore invented the Internet.)

First up, cats and boxes, specifically my black cat, Felix, and what may very well be the most awesome box ever.

May contain awesome indeed.

Next up, yet another brilliant French (or pseudo-French) cat video, titled "Henri 2, Paw de Deux" (though it should really be called "You Just Don't Understand Emo Cat's Pain" or "Existential Cat").

[H/T to my cousin, A., for posting the video on my Facebook wall.]

Felix feels your ennui, Henri.

(What is it about French cat videos that makes them extra awesome?)

Wishing you all an awesome, ennui-free weekend.


Anonymous said...

Why is it the piano music makes this so Freeeench???

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, mon dieu! C'est tres triste!