Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm so glad my daughter isn't three (and throwing temper tantrums)

Alternate titles: "And the Academy Award for Best Dramatic Performance by a Toddler goes to..." "This child is clearly not French," "What would Ann Romney do?"

I think every parent, aunt, or uncle will relate to this video of a cranky three-year-old having a major meltdown when asked to carry her bowl to the sink.

[H/T to Friend of the Blog Larissa for sending me this... I think.]

I actually had to stop the video a couple of times and walk away, it was so painful to me to watch. (Though I know a lot of people think this video is very funny. Yeah, it's hysterical when it's someone else's kid.)

Part of me wanted to smack that little girl (though I would NEVER smack a child) -- and/or scream "Just bring the effing bowl to the sink and stop your whining!" And part of me was incredibly relieved that my daughter is no longer that age (and stopped having level three nuclear meltdowns like that years ago).

But mostly I was in awe of this father's calm and patience and perseverance in dealing with this situation. Which led me to wonder, what would I have done in the same situation? (I would probably have taken this father's approach for a few minutes, walked away when it didn't work, tried again, then when it didn't work the third or fifth time screamed at my daughter, picked up the bowl, put it in the dishwasher or sink, and stormed out of the room.)

What would you have done? And did you find this video funny or painful -- or both?

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larissa said...

Funny and scary
Would Ann make a video?
Or just clean for them