Friday, April 13, 2012

The great bed debate

[Not be confused with the Grateful Dead debate]

So this morning the spouse posted the following on his Facebook page (after I asked him to help me make the bed):
Make the bed or not? I say it's a waste of time. You?
To which one of his (female) Facebook friends replied:
I make it every day...there is something about smoothing out the sheets/and pillows....the sensation of getting into a made bed, is not the same as getting into an unmade bed.
Which pretty much sums up my feelings.

Also, I can't fold clothes on a messy bed -- and I don't like having cat fur (we have two cats who share joint custody of the bed) on the sheets. And, okay, I was traumatized by my mother and camp counselors as a child and cannot not make a bed without being terrified something awful will happen (though I no longer care if you can or cannot bounce a quarter off it).

So which side of the bed-making controversy are you on? Click the circle that best describes you.

To make the bed or not make the bed? That is the question.

Also feel free to post your thoughts on why making the bed is a good/bad idea/waste of time in the Comments section.


The Daily Del Franco said...

I don't know...there's just something unsettling about getting into an unmade bed, particularly at bedtime.

Anonymous said...

eOn days when I feel like an unmade bed myself. Making the bed seems to sooth me.