Friday, October 29, 2010

Worst Halloween costumes?

Okay, maybe these six Halloween costumes are not the worst Halloween costumes ever, but they come pretty close.

First up, from the "Sexy Sesame Street" line, which is just plain wrong, Sexy Cookie Monster:

Also from the Sexy Sesame Street line, whose tagline should be "Turning Tricks for Treats," Sexy Big Bird:

(I drew the line at Sexy Elmo.)

Sesame not your flowering plant of choice? How about dressing up as medicinal marijuana this Halloween?

Though dressing up as medicinal marijuana beats going trick-or-treating as a(n unused) condom wrapper...

or a vibrator, which maybe the worst Halloween costume ever. (And yes, this is a real costume, for sale on

Though this Borat in a mankini costume may be a close second.

Think you know of a worse Halloween costume? Leave me a comment -- and a link.


amyz5 said...

i might be scarred for life on that green jumpsuit thing

Kendor said...

Speaking of condom next door neighbor Ed in college dressed up as a condom and decided he need that extra realistic touch. He actually rigged up a "squirt" mechanism... you can use your imagination regarding the rest of his Halloween shtick... including the extra efforts he made to simulate the real thing...

Dave S. said...

A condom costume
May be just the thing for you
If you're a huge pr*ck

J. said...

@amyz5: Does that mean Gary won't be going trick-or-treating in a mankini this year? ;-) (And aren't you glad I didn't include the "Anita Waxin Lifeguard" costume!)

@Kendor: EW.

larissa said...

A good friend of mine
Has a big hot dog costume
These scare me much more

Sugar Daze said...

These are just wrong on so many levels! I can only imagine the marketing geniuses coming up with some of these. Sexy Big Bird & Cookie Monster??? Come on! I think you probably would have to be a d*ck to wear most of these! Thanks for the post, J!

Ange said...

And THIS is why Christians don't celebrate Halloween! ;-)

Actually, I have an extensive costume collection myself - two wardrobes full of anything ranging from a kid's pegasus to superwoman. Some people might call it a fetish - I call it an affinity.

Martha Kruy said...

And I thought that the cleavage-bearing costumes @ Party City were bad! My own efforts were somewhat erroneous this year. I went as the scarecrow from Oz...and used real hay...only to realize (the next day) the reason for my asthma attack!