Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple unveils new iPad for cats

Introducing the new and improved iPounce v2.0, as demonstrated by my favorite kitten, Leonardo Da Kitteh. (Why the iPounce 2.0 as opposed to the 1.0, you ask? Because the first version was clawed to death in the lab.)

The new Apple iPounce 2.0 features a large claw-resistant, multi-paw touch screen and comes with many exciting cat apps, such as Mouse!, Get the Mouse!, Kill the Mouse!, and What Was that? Get It! guaranteed to keep your kitty busy for hours (or at least five minutes).

Warning: The iPounce is highly addictive, like electronic catnip for your kitty.

[Thanks to Edward and Alyssa for making this post possible.]

1 comment:

larissa said...

Damn my cats want one
Trin wants to play with Leo
Catnip is enough