Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glee does the Time Warp, I am Rocky Horror-fied

While I am a fan of Glee, I think the show is wildly uneven -- one week great ("Duets"), one week UGH (see "Britney/Brittany"). But I was excited at the thought of Glee doing an ode to The Rocky Horror Picture Show for its upcoming Halloween episode (October 26, for those of you who still get Fox). That is, until I saw this clip of the Glee cast performing the "Time Warp."

While once I was Glee-ful, after seeing the cast of Glee's take on the "Time Warp," I am slightly Rocky Horror-fied -- and quickly went online to check out the original cast version, to see if I was being a bit too harsh.

Nope. Though I do think Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel on Glee), did/does a good job at playing Riff Raff.

So fellow Rocky Horror Picture Show and/or Glee fans, what do you think?


Ange said...

Oh, so wrong on sooo many levels! Surely I'm not biased because I love the movie and hate Glee?

J. said...

@Ange: No, you are not biased (and I like the movie and Glee).

Stacy Hurt said...

Since I don't want my ears to bleed I'm not going to even try and watch the Glee clips. All I can say is a friend of mine LOVES the show; she plays the music on her ipod when our art group gets together sometimes. ALL I could think of was that stupid movie High School Musical and how horridly L.A.M.E. that was and that's exactly what the Glee thing sounds like to me. It's truthfully the most horrible thing! How can they possibly take classic rock songs & then turn it into even worse than the dreaded elevator muzak and call it good??? It makes me sick! But I imagine that is exactly why we don't watch TV any longer and haven't for the past 5 years.

Only thing I miss? Truly? SpongeBob. So see, I'm not a total snob! OH, and the "Two Angry Beavers" cartoon.