Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two more reasons to watch Glee

As if Gleeks needed another reason to watch Glee (you know, other than the great music, the amazing chemistry between the cast members, and the hysterical quotes that come out of ditzy blonde Cheerio Brittany's mouth each week). But I'll give you two more:

1. Tonight's episode, titled "Theatricality," features songs by Lady Gaga.

2. Matthew Morrison's (aka "Will Schuester's" or "Mr. Schue's") abs.*

(More pictures from Matthew Morrison's June VOGUE photo shoot here.)

To quote Van Halen, I am "Hot for Teacher" (which should seriously be featured on an upcoming Glee episode).

*A special thanks to my friend, A., who ripped out that picture of Matthew Morrison from VOGUE and left it for me in my mail box. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sorry.. .still can't speak.. .drool.. .are those abs REAL???

Who knew under the mild mannered teacher shirt was SUPERMAN!!!????

J. said...

And he can sing!