Friday, May 28, 2010

I knew there was something squirrely about the Yankees!

I have heard of unusual promotions to get baseball fans into the stands, but this is just nuts!

Better, full version can be found here. (MLB won't let you embed videos. Boo.)

The squirrel, nicknamed Rocky, apparently thought it was Wildlife Day at Target Field in Minneapolis Tuesday, where the Minnesota Twins were hosting the New York Yankees. Or perhaps Rocky, who was visiting from nearby Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, mistook Twins third baseman Brendan Harris for Boris Badenov.

Whatever the case, someone should consider drafting that squirrel. Not only does he run faster than most baseball players, he struck out Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez.


Dave S. said...

OK, we've got the ground and air covered. What's next, a catfish jumps out of the Mississippi and flops around on the on-deck circle?

J. said...

@Dave S., Baseball already had a Catfish, who was known to rattle some big-league players. ;-)

EMM said...

Good thing the squirrel wasn't in Philly!