Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yo Jets, what's the deal with the "Titans" uniforms?

Excuse me, NY Jets management, but when I last checked there was already an NFL team called the Titans, and they play in Tennessee, not New Jersey (where, for those geographically challenged, Giants Stadium is located). Those Titans also happen to be 5-0 going into Week 6.

So what's the deal with calling yourselves the "Titans" and wearing those totally metrosexual-looking teale and gold uniforms? Is it an aspirational thing, guys? Are you hoping to be like your brethren in Tennessee?

As much as I and NY Jets fans everywhere would love to see you win five games (if not 15), YOU ARE GANG GREEN, for chrissakes, not Gang Teale. Man up, people!

Please, Mike Tannenbaum, bring back the green and white uniforms.

IMPORTANT NOTE/UPDATE: To read the latest about the Jets' throwback uniforms, click here.


Anonymous said...

Bright colors and multiple color schemes inspired by the mad and upstart invention of what is now known as "color" TV has overwhelmed the conservative, stable preferences of real men and real football fans, but, sadly, many fans continue to accept and idolize the same teams, and few take issue with the way the teams are packaged. Thank you for highlighting this important issue.

Anonymous said...

you just read my mind
a funky uniform day
maybe they will win

Dave S. said...

Throwback colors/name
As always, I learned it on

Anonymous said...

Although we have problems in Chicago, fashion is not among them. Between the Chargers suddenly wearing buttercup blue and marigold, and now this, what is the NFL coming to? What is the Titans stuff? Did you hear that Eric Mangini’s new son has a middle name of Brett? What is all this?

J. said...

Dear Bears Fan,

I said what's with the turquoise and gold (to the spouse while watching the Chargers game last night), too, but I think buttercup blue and marigold is a much better description.

In general, I am more lenient in terms of uniform color choice when it comes to teams from Southern California and Southern Florida, but this has got to stop. Is Tim Gunn now designing football uniforms? And yes, I heard about Mangini naming son #3 after Favre.

As for Dave S., I know about the New York Titans -- and about marketing and selling more uniforms and stuff. I just think it was a bad choice.

Anonymous said...

Being a season ticket holder for 30 years, I LOVE THEM!!! Makes us look more intimidating. Need to bring them out for Division games every year.

Anonymous said...

Alas! we agree
J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
dumb superstition