Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Barack Obama Should Not Choose Hillary Clinton as His Running Mate

10. She'd be better off as governor of New York, where they could really use a governor who can keep her pants on.
9. You'll have to keep an eye on White House furnishings and gifts you receive.
8. Hugh and Tony Rodham
7. Racing to see who will answer the phone when it rings at 3 a.m. can be a real drag.
6. Never choose a running mate who can out shoot and out drink you.
5. Ask Al Gore how it felt to have her around.
4. Do you really want Michelle saying "I told you so" for the next four years?
3. Do you really want to hear "There you go again, Barry" for the next four years?
2. People will wonder who really wears the pants in the White House.

And the number one reason Barack Obama should not choose Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate...
1. Bill Clinton (If Hill couldn't control Bubba, what makes you think you can? You think he's going to sit tight over at the Naval Observatory or back in Chappaqua? Then you don't know Bill. Nor do you want to be mixed up with a potential Bill Clinton Librarygate scandal.)


Dave S. said...

Another reason would be "Because the GOP runs anti-Obama ads starring you."

jjv said...

Its terrible how much you hate women here. I think he should deny her the Veep position with the following note:

"Sorry, sweetie, not interested."

Lietzy said...

JJV, how did you get your hands on McCain's note to Joe Lieberman?