Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Game of Cat and Mouse

This is what happens...

To unwelcome visitors...

When they try to sneak into our house.*

(Sorry. No photo of my donning yellow Playtex gloves, scooping the critter up in a plastic bag, and depositing the not-so-dearly departed in the woods.)

* I think the Obama campaign would be well advised to get a few felines.


larissa said...

Oh cats will be cats
much to the dismay of mice
And you will wear gloves

I decided to comment in the form of a haiku this morning. Maybe this heat really is getting to me.

Dave S. said...

Denouement doesn't
Fit usual pattern of
"Itchy and Scratchy"

jjv said...

Obama does not believe in this kind of violence to mice. He believes he can get the Cats and Mice to live together. Especially if the mice retreat to their 1967 borders.

Anonymous said...

Well said, jjv! lol