Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just dance your cares away

Forget the crashing stock market, the soaring price of oil, that your house is probably not worth as much as when you bought it and those sky-high mortgage payments, the 100-years' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that we still have more than four months to go in the presidential campaign, or that there is another two months until the little darlings go back to school and you can't remember the last time you had nookie with your spouse.

Just be like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly (or the late Cyd Charisse) and simply dance your cares away!

And what better way to dance away the pain and agony of everyday life, I say, than with a tango? In this case, the "Masochism Tango," as sung by the great Tom Lehrer. (Need inspiration? Just imagine you and your amour are Brad and Angelina a la "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and have at it.)


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