Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who's a pretty kitty?

Flora is.

This is a photo of our cat, Flora.

Flora is a torbie, a cross between a tortoiseshell cat and a tabby. Flora gets very cross when the spouse and I don't pet her, constantly. She is likewise very cross when strangers try to pet her. (I know. And we apologize.)

Most days, you can find Flora in one of two places: on my daughter's bed, surrounded by stuffed animals (as pictured above), or on top of my desk, in front of my monitor, paws dangling over my keyboard or swatting at me as I type.

We love Flora, but sadly (?) I doubt we will ever make millions (or thousands or hundreds) of dollars off of her. While she is certainly a pretty kitty, she doesn't fling herself into boxes (like Maru), have a funny face (like Grumpy Cat or Bub), or play the piano. She is just an ordinary cat, who likes to scratch the furniture, paw you for attention, barf up her food when she eats it too quickly, and hiss at you when she wants to be left alone.


Anonymous said...

But we love!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Flora is very pretty even when she is trying to shred me.

J. said...

@Anonymous #1: We do.

@Anonymous #2: Sorry. She is the Venus Flytrap of cats. She acts all cute and cuddly when people come to the house and then when you go to pet her -- WHAM! (I have since updated the post, to warn other potential petters.)