Sunday, February 23, 2014

A guy's worst fear?

Okay, maybe waking up one morning to discover your girlfriend or wife had mysteriously gone from a D-cup to an A-cup is not a guy's worst fear*. But it's probably a close second (or third)**.

Though now that I think of it, considering how many women undergo breast augmentations and reconstructive surgery, having small breasts, or waking up to find your breasts have shrunk or disappeared, may be a woman's worst fear***.

[A tip of my bra strap to friend of the blog Another David S., who sent me the "Ghost Tits" video, featuring the lovely Olivia Munn, and who doesn't judge a woman by her bra size.]

*That would probably be waking up to find someone cut off your penis. Or you ran out of beer and all the liquor or package stores were closed.

**See the bit at the top of the page, in the header, about this being a satirical blog.

***Before all you breast cancer survivors and relatives of women with breast cancer start leaving nasty comments about how incredibly insensitive that video is (and by extension how insensitive I am), see the note above and take a deep breath. No one is making fun of breast cancer. Thank you.


Michael said...

Heh, that was pretty funny. Hollywood-style trailer and everything.

Anonymous said...

It is the bra!!!! Look in the bra!!!

(BTW-does anyone who reads you regular really think you are doing ANYTHING in a hateful way? Where did humor go to die? I would like to pay my respects.)