Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The truth about college?

As the parent of a high school sophomore, I've been thinking a lot about college lately. So I was both amused and depressed by this viral video on YouTube titled "Honest University Commercial."

As someone who feels totally let down by her undergraduate (prestigious women's college) and post-graduate (prestigious research university) experience and disappointed by how little those institutions of higher learning have helped me, I worry about today's college and high school students. College is so much more expensive and pressure packed now.

And what do today's graduates (those who actually graduate) emerge with? Tens of thousands of dollars in debt (from student loans) and, more often than not, disappointment. True, I know of several relatively recent graduates who have found rewarding jobs right after graduation. But there are so many smart twentysomethings who can't find work -- or a job in their field. And even the "lucky ones" still struggle with student loans.

I don't think answer is "don't go to college," at least not for everyone. (Unless you are Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, those with college degrees make significantly more than those with only high school diplomas.) But I'm not sure what the answer is.

At the very least, though, I wish colleges were more truthful in their advertising.


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