Thursday, January 24, 2013

You know what turns me on?

An organized closet.

What turns me on even more? A guy with an organized closet.

(Alternate title to this blog post: Every girl's crazy 'bout an organized man.)

I don't know about other women, but there is something incredibly appealing -- and, yes, even sexy -- about a guy who doesn't leave his shit all over the bedroom and/or the rest of the house (consciously or unconsciously expecting you -- or "the elves" -- to pick or clean it up) but puts things away where they belong.

Sure, sure, looks, brains, and success are all fine and good, but a guy who keeps his closet and office tidy? Priceless.

Call me an organization addict (or, okay, a neat freak), but I had a hard time not shouting out "yes, YES, YES!!!" while watching this segment featuring organizer extraordinaire Peter Walsh on the Rachael Ray Show yesterday. (For the record, Rachael Ray was also very excited.)

That said, while I am all for order (and detest chaos), I would not want to be married to this guy (though I would never put a record back in the wrong place).

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