Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams slow jam the debt ceiling

Only Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams (aka Brilly Willy and Honey Bri Bri) could make singing about the debt ceiling sexy. Ooooh yeah.

Among my favorite lines in "Slow Jam the News: Fiscal Cliff*":

"Ain't nothing worse than a soft Boehner."

"Our economy could really use a shot in the arm. Sounds like a job for Lance Armstrong."

"How was third grade for you, Jimmy?"

"Fifty shades of Brian Williams."

Though they are not nearly as funny taken out of context.

For another amusing (albeit non-sexual) explanation of the debt ceiling, check out my post titled "Everything you need to know about the debt ceiling... clearly explained in just over three minutes."

*Just curious: Is this Fiscal Cliff any relation to Jimmy Cliff? ;-)

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